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Every age of written civilisation
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"The British Library Public Catalogue (BLPC) is a web interface to the main British Library catalogues. It is a free service, partially funded by sponsorship from . The catalogues are divided between material available in our Reading Rooms and that available for remote supply as photocopies or loans. You can search all catalogues, all of the modern (post-1975) reference material together, all of the Document Supply material together, or an individual catalogue. If you know that an item will be found in only one catalogue, it will usually be quicker to select only that catalogue."
--BLPC introduction

"The Library's services are based on its outstanding collections, developed over 250 years, of over 150 million items, representing every age of written civilisation, every written language and every aspect of human thought.
The British Library Public Catalogue provides information about the contents of the Library's major holdings. When researching a particular topic, it is advisable to contact the subject area involved in order to ensure that you have discovered all possible resources, since some may only appear in printed catalogues or indexes. Most areas of the BL have their pages on the Library's own website or can be contacted by e-mail, fax or telephone."
---BLPC Help Pages

For futher information on the catalogue, consult the Help Pages on the catalogue site.

For further information on the British Library and its collections and services, consult the British Library website

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