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19th Century British Library Newspapers

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Ninteenth Century British Library Newspapers

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19th century

Searchable full text of full runs of newspapers specially selected by the British Library to best represent nineteenth-century Britain. This new collection includes national and regional newspapers, as well as newspapers from: established country or university towns; the new industrial powerhouses of the manufacturing Midlands; and Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Special attention was paid to include newspapers that helped lead particular political or social movements such as Reform, Chartism, and Home Rule. Penny papers aimed at the working and clerical classes are also included. (OCLC)

Among the approximately 50 newspaper titles are:
Aberdeen Journal Aberdeen Scotland 1 Jan 1800 23 Aug 1876
Birmingham Daily Post Birmingham England 4 Dec 1857 29 Sep 1900
Cobbet's Weekly Political Register London England 1 Jan 1802 3 Mar 1804
Cobbett's Weekly Political Register 17 Mar 1804 17 Sep 1836
Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle, etc 11 Jul 1803 7 Oct 1899
Manchester Weekly Times and Examiner 12 Dec 1857 31 Dec 1900
The Penny Illustrated Paper London England 12 Oct 1861 24 May 1913
Western Mail Cardiff Wales 1 May 1869 31 Dec 1900

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