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Harper's Weekly: 1857-1912

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"HarpWeek is a web site that provides electronic access to Harper's Weekly, the illustrated 19th century "Journal of Civilization," for a 56-year period: 1857-1912. HarpWeek's electronic database makes it possible for you to discover the lively news stories, illustrations, cartoons, editorials, biographies, literature and even advertisements that shaped and reflected public opinion in this era. Using HarpWeek's powerful features, you can browse through 56 years of Harper's Weekly page by page, locate specific articles based on search terms or phrases you specify, or use sophisticated indexing and synopsis tools to comb through thousands of Harper's Weekly articles.

  • "With HarpWeek, you can access the entire contents of Harper's Weekly from 1857 to 1912. HarpWeek allows you to access this content in the way that best facilitates your research and explorations. With HarpWeek, you can:
    Browse Harper's Weekly issues by a Table of Contents of included articles and illustrations
    Browse Harper's Weekly issues by page images
    Search for text or phrases within the pages of Harper's Weekly
    Use the thesaurus-based index to find articles
    Search synopses of fictional works within Harper's Weekly
    Search cross-index groupings using the Subject Headings feature
  • "HarpWeek features clear, easy-to-read, electronic presentation of every page of Harper's Weekly. This presentation:
    provides for a pleasurable viewing experience through the integration of clear, high resolution, grayscale images with an intuitive software interface;
    enables you to quickly "turn" the full-size electronic pages while browsing;
    permits simultaneous previewing of several thumbnail page images on a software "light box;"
    provides images in three sizes for easy reading;
    offers the capability for producing high quality image printouts;
    allows you to save pages as JPEG files; and
    renders the small typeface commonly used by 19th century printers more legible than in the original pages of Harper's Weekly.

"Along with an electronic presentation of every page of Harper's Weekly, HarpWeek features an extensive Table of Contents for every issue of Harper's Weekly. This Table of Contents gives you access to articles and illustrations included in the pages of Harper's Weekly.


"The HarpWeek text-search feature provides several powerful options to help you create effective queries. These options include:
Word or Phrase Searching
Proximity Searching (e.g. find two words or phrases that appear within 50 words of each other in the same article or caption)
Full Date Range Searching
Feature Filtering to limit searches to one of 16 Harper's Weekly "Features": Advertisements, Article series, Biographical sketches/obituaries, Cartoons, Editorials, Fiction, Government announcements, Humor/satirical commentaries, Illustrations, Maps, News stories/items, Panoramic views, Poetry, Portraits, Publisher's notices and Travel narratives."

From HarpWeek help page,, (accessed June 4, 2013).

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