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Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture

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University of Southern California
University of Southern California
Late antiquity (for some items) to the present
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Although The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture contains an area for student research and class materials,its primary resources are the IJPC Journal and the IJPC Database.
The IJPC Journal is an online, interdisciplinary journal and its purpose, the editors state, "is ... to investigate and analyze, through research and publication, the conflicting images of journalists in every aspect of popular culture, from film, television, radio, fiction, commercials, cartoons and comic books to music, art, humor and video games – demonstrating their impact on the public’s perception of journalists." The first issue appeared in the fall of 2009.
IJPC Database, as of 2013, contained "more than 83,000 items" on journalists, public relations practitioners and news media intelevision, films (movies, movies made for TV and miniseries), fiction (novels, short stories, plays and poems), cartoons, comic books, comic strips, non-fiction (documentaries, news, sports), radio, humor, commercials, games, early references, music (songs compositions), internet websites, and art.

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