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Grand Secretariat Archives

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Academia Sinica Computer Center
Academia Sinica Computer Center
1368-1644, 1644-1912
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Grand secretariat archives.
Nei ge da ku dang an

Grand Secretariat Archives is a database that contains documents originally housed in the storerooms of the Grand Secretariat of the Qing dynasty (1644-1912). After 1949 these documents were kept at the Institute of History and Philology of Academia Sinica. The entire archive contains about 310,000 items. The collection, dating from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty (1368-1912), encompasses a wide variety of subjects. For full content coverage, see "Grand Secretariat Archives - Inventory and History of Preservation". Also, portions of the archives had been published under title: Ming Qing dang an.--OCLC

The archives of the Grand Secretariat currently housed at the Institute were originally kept at the Grand Secretariat Storehouse in the Ch’ing imperial palace. They were removed from the Storehouse when it underwent renovation in 1909. After the overthrow of the Ch’ing, these archives changed hands several times, and were, at one point, even sold to a paper recycling factory. Eventually, the Institute purchased them from Li Sheng-to, a book collector, in1929 thanks to the efforts of Fu Ssu-nien, the Institute’s first director.
There are over four thousand Ming (1368-1644) documents and more than three hundred thousand volumes of Ch’ing (1644-1911) archival materials in this collection, including imperial decrees, edicts, memorials, tribute document, examination questions, examination papers, rosters of successful examination candidates, documents from the offices of the Grand Secretariat, documents from the offices for book compilation, and old documents from Mukden. Memorials make up the bulk these documents.--Publisher

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