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International Encyclopedia of Linguistics

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Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus) Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)

Second Edition, Edited by William J. Frawley

The Encyclopedia encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics. Special attention is given to interrelations within these branches of the field and to relations of linguistics with other disciplines. This interdisciplinary focus makes the encyclopedia an invaluable resource not only for linguistics but also for scholars working in the fields of computer science, mathematics, philosophy, the social and behavioral sciences, and literary studies.

The second edition of IEL contains 957 articles and about half as many more headwords and subheadwords, given an increase in blind entries (place-holder entries that point to others for their content). All the articles from the first edition are updated in some way, with most ranging from 40 percent revision to complete rewriting. About 15 percent of the articles are new and about 3 percent of the first-edition entries were eliminated from the second. The extensive updating of a ten-year-old reference work slated to endure at least another decade led to the addition of some theories and subfields, the elimination of others, expanded treatment of some existing concepts because of their rising importance, and reduced treatment of others because of their increasingly limited role in the field.

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