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Vault: Career Intelligence

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Career Insider

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Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus) Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)

Vault: Career Intelligence offers job information, including internships and foreign employment opportunities, for industries and professions. It including company profiles, salary searches, industry outlooks and trends in employment. Guides may be downloaded, full text in pdf format. You may search generally, or follow the tabs for guides and content.

Among the contents of Vault: Career Intelligence:
Guides: Interview and Resume Guides, Career Topic Guides, Industry Guides, Employer Guides, International Guides, Law Guides
Companies: locations, address, and "About this company," which gives basic information about the ownership and acttivities of the company
Industries: overview of various industries, with descriptions of their basic activities, current status and occupational outlook
Professions: job descriptions for various professions, along with "Uppers" and "downers" associated with them
Career Advice:Career Advancement, Career Change, Compensation & Benefits, Consulting Career News, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cover Letter Advice, Day in the Life, Education Advice, Entrepreneurship, First Person, Industry Overview, Internships, Interviewing, Job Search, Networking, Occupation Profile, Office Romance, Resume Advice, Salary Negotiation, Sample Cover Letter, Sample Interview Questions, Sample Resume, Unemployment, View from The Top, Workplace Issues
Resumes: Sample resumes, sample cover letters, "The College Student's Guide to a Winning Resume", "Cover Letters: Getting it Right " and more advice for applications
Salaries & Reviews: Salary search and company reviews
Video: featured video and video channels (topics)
Blogs: Blogs by topic, for example "The Exclamation Point: When to Use It and When To Lose It"
Discussions: Discussion groups by topic, or start a new discussion group
Job Search: "Tell us about the job you're looking for," keyword and location search

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