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Chemical Abstracts

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Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus) Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)
Chemical Abstracts Service
Chemical Abstracts Service
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daily and some parts weekly; Medline is 4 times a week


 If you have already registered for the web version click on to access the program.


Walk in users (non-commercial only) allowed at IU Libraries reference desks.  Contact Roger Beckman/Tiea Julian at for username/password and any questions.

Scifinder is web-based software that needs little knowledge of command language or database intricacies, thus allowing direct end-user access to Chemical Abstracts mostly from 1907 onwards and Medline from 1950 onwards. The CASREACT portion contains information dating from 1840. Chemical Abstracts Service has been adding selected records to the datebase for the pre-1907 period.  References to articles in two journals from the American Chemical Society, the Journal of the American Chemical Society (volumes  1-21; 1989-1899) and the Journal of Physical Chemistry (volumes 1-3; 1897-1899), were added to the database as were records from Journal of the Chemical Society, Tranactions (1878-1906).  Over 18,700 records for US patents from 1900 to 1906 were added in 2006.  In 2009 all citations from the Royal Society of Chemistry journal archives back to 1941 were added.

The client version, SciFinder Scholar, ceased on June 30, 2011.  

With SciFinder you can choose to search by research topic, author name, CA abstract number, patent number, chemical structure, molecular formula, chemical name, CAS registry number, functional groups in reactions, and bibliographic information.

SciFinder covers:

  • journal articles and patents together in one source
  • substance data
  • chemical reactions
  • chemical regulatory data
  • chemical suppliers
  • biomedical literature.

The system will search the Chemical Abstracts database of more than 25 million titles and abstracts of journal articles, patents, dissertations, reports, and other literature, with information on more than 31,000,000 (as of March 2007) organic and inorganic substances, and over 57,000,000 sequences. There are more than 12,400,000 single- and multi-step reactions in CASREACT (as of March 2007) . MEDLINE contains more than 15,000,000 references.

SciFinder is available on public computers in the IUB Libraries and in the Student Technology Center computer labs (STC labs). After you have logged in follow the path: Start=> Programs=> Departmentally Sponsored=> Chemistry=> SciFinder.

For a description of the features of the web version and other tutorial materials see

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Unlimited for all IU campuses
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Beckman, Roger
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