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Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus) Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)
Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)
Institute for Scientific Information
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Science Citation Index covers all disciplines of science, providing indexing and abstracts of journal articles in the world's most important scientific journals. 

Science Citation Index offers enhanced cited reference searching.   Researchers can search the citation data (the footnotes of each article), taking a known, relevant paper and finding other, more recent papers that cite it.  In addition, the Keywords Plus feature provides additional search terms and phrases drawn from an article's bibliography (cited references).

SCI enhances the power of cited reference searching by allowing researchers to:

  • locate all cited authors, not just the first authors listed, for articles in the database
  • navigate forward, backward, and through the research literature
  • link to original article information when a cited reference of interest is found (for original articles covered by the database)
  • track "times cited" information for articles on a weekly basis through automatic updates
  • find an unlimited number of relevant items which share one or more cited references, through the Related Records function
  • hotlink to first and subsequent generation articles using prior research
  • discover key papers by ranking search results by "times cited".

Queries can be saved for researchers to modify and run against future updates in order to follow a particular topic over time. Records may also be marked for printing, document delivery, or exporting directly into Reference Manager, ProCite, or other bibliographic management software.

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