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Twentieth Century American Poetry

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Twentieth-Century American Poetry is an unprecedented collection of poetry which allows readers a unique survey of the movements, schools and distinctive voices of modern and contemporary American poetry. With the collaboration of America's leading poetry publishers, the collection brings together 50,000 poems by over 300 poets. The major works of the modernist period – the brittle imagist lyrics of Ezra Pound, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) and William Carlos Williams, the playful and abstract masterpieces of Wallace Stevens and e.e. cummings, the symbolist cityscapes of Hart Crane – can be read alongside contemporary works such as the Whitmanesque prophc verse of Robinson Jeffers and the Romantic lyrics of Elinor Wylie and Edna St Vincent Millay.

In selecting poets for inclusion, the aim has been to include a broad representative collection that reflects the diversity of modern American literary traditions, including, subject to the granting of electronic rights by the print publishers, major figures alongside historically important writers and younger emergent poets. The complete text of each poem has been included, and any integral textual images and illustrations have been scanned. Additional information relating directly to the poetry, such as prefaces or introductions, has been keyed. Any prose sections of the volumes that are significant to the works have also been included.

The entire text of each poem has been included. Any accompanying text forming an integral part of the poetry, such as dedications, notes, acknowledgments, prefaces, introductions, and epigraphs, is generally included, provided ProQuest Information and Learning has secured electronic rights for the material. Indexes of titles and first lines have been excluded.

Twentieth-Century American Poetry enjoys the active support of the poets involved, their estates, literary agents, and publishers. ProQuest Information and Learning protects the rights and integrity of the poets and their work on the Internet.

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