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Folk Song Index; Broadside Index

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Stephen Roud
Stephen Roud
Late 19th and early 20th century

The Folk Song Index is an index to traditional English-language songs collected in Britain, Ireland, North America, and Australia, by indexing published books, journals, and recordings, unpublished manuscript and tape collections, and broadsides, chapbooks, and songsters.   It contains over 125,000 references.

For each version of each song, the index records the source, song title, song first line, singer?s name, collector?s name, place and date of collection, presence/absence of text or tune, Child and Laws numbers, song author (if known), and keywords and phrases from the text.

The Broadside Index is similar and looks at songs published in broadsides, chapbooks, popular songsters, parlor and music hall publications, and selected sheet music.    In addition to the song information, entries give printer?s name and town and the location of extant copies, where known.   This index contains over 120,000 references.

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