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FAQ - Finding Dissertations on Music (Music Library)


Finding dissertations submitted at Indiana University

Search IUCAT, the Online catalog of the IU Libraries, to find our holdings of master's or doctoral theses, dissertations, documents, and essays.  For tips on doing this, go here.  

See also the classified list A Catalog of Dissertations, Theses, and Documents submitted by Indiana University Graduate Students in the School of Music, and Held by its Library kept in a black binder at the Reference Desk.

Finding dissertations submitted at other institutions (printed indexes)


General listings, indexes, and online resources

For North American doctoral dissertations, and international dissertations from 1972 onwards, the main print listing is Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology ML128.M8 D62 (Shelved in the Reference Section).  This resource is now available online.  Dissertations completed since 1995 are only found in the online version.

A useful resource that is not music-specific is ProQuest Dissertations and Theses.  For more information about this database, including coverage dates, see here.

Earlier German-language dissertations

For earlier German-language dissertations, see: Richard Schaal, Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger musikwissenschaftlicher Dissertationen, 1861-1960 (1963) Ref. ML120.G3 S29. Supplement, 1961-70 (1974) Ref. ML120.G3 S293

More recent German dissertations are listed in the second issue of Die Musikforschung [ML5.M98] each year under the heading "Im Jahre 19__ angenommene musikwissenschaftliche Dissertationen."

Earlier French-language dissertations

For earlier French-language dissertations, see: Jean Gribenski, French Language Dissertations in Music: An Annotated Bibliography (1975) Ref. ML128.L3 G7

British and irish dissertations, called theses

ProQuest Dissertations and Theses: UK & Ireland is the most comprehensive database.  More information about it, including coverage dates, can be found here.

Index to Theses is also a useful resource.  More information can be found here.

Research Chronicle (Royal Musical Association) ML28.L8 M85 includes relevant lists in the following issues: 15 (1979): 38-116; 16 (1980): 110-34; 17 (1981): 117-38; 18 (1982): 85-118; 20 (1986-7): 59-89; 21 (1988): 57-82; 23 (1990): 149-63.

Masters' theses

Dissertations and Theses, though not music-specific, can be helpful here.  About this resource.

For music-specific resources, see: Dominique-Rene De Lerma, A Selective List of Masters' Theses in Musicology (1970) Ref. ML128.M8 D34

And: Duckles and Keller, Music Reference and Research Materials, 4th ed., pp. 873-96. Ref. ML113.D83 1988

Selected subject indexes

Ethnomusicology (journal). "Dissertations and Theses" listing in Winter issue each year. ML1.E78

James R. Heintze, American Music Studies: A Classified Bibliography of Master's Theses (1984) Ref. ML128.M8 H44

Eddie S. Meadows, Theses and Dissertations on Black American Music (1980) Ref. ML128.B45 M4

Rebecca Shaftman, A Checklist of Music Related Doctoral Dissertations in Non-Music Disciplines (1979) Ref. ML128.L3 S4

Doctoral Dissertations in Music and Music Education (published as special numbers of Journal of Research in Music Education), 3 vols. covering 1957-77. Ref. ML120 .U5 D63

International Directory of Approved Music Education Doctoral Dissertations in Progress (most recent, 1989) Ref. ML1.A848445

Kenneth R. Hartley, Bibliography of Theses and Dissetations in Sacred Music (1966). Ref. ML118 .D48 no. 9

To find other subject indexes, check IUCAT for your subject area.
Do a keyword search, combining your subject area with the searches "and bibliography," "and index," "and guide," or "and research."
For example: Keyword=chamber music and guide
Also check in the Reference section under the classification number ML128.

Recent dissertations

The general listings are usually the best source of recent North American dissertations. For convenience, it may still be worth checking journals and periodicals relevant to your subject: for example, ITA Journal (trombone) [ML1.I86].

For international dissertations, a few music journals of individual countries have regular listings: Revue belge de musicologie (Belgian dissertations and theses, every 1-2 years) and Osterreichische Musikzeitschrift (Austrian abstracts every few issues).

last updated: 3/8/2012