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Woodwind Research Guides: Flute (Music Library)

Flute Research Guide

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History and Construction Technique and Performance Practice
Extended or Avant-Garde Techniques Biographical Sources
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History and Construction

Bate, Philip. The Flute: A Study of its History, Development, and Construction. New York: Norton, 1979.
ML935.B328 1979

Traces the history of the flute covering ancient flutes, development of the transverse flute, the work of Theobald Boehm, the use of flutes in the orchestra, and the capabilities of the flute.

Boehm, Theobald. An Essay on the Construction of Flutes. London: Rudall Carte, 1882.

Discusses the mechanisms, measurement, and fingering system of the Boehm flute. Includes documents concerning his flute making and the authenticity the Boehm flute. Originally written in 1847.

Meylan, Raymond. The Flute. Translated by Alfred Clayton. Portland, Ore.: Amadeus Press, 1988.

Topics include: origins of the flute, the first transverse flutes, and Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and modern flutes. Includes a detailed discussion of the method of playing the Baroque flute.

Phelan, James and Mitchell D. Brody. The Complete Guide to the Flute. Boston: Conservatory Publication, 1980.

Covers acoustics, construction, anatomy, and mechanisms of the modern flute. Also includes maintenance and advanced repairs.

Toff, Nancy. The Development of the Modern Flute. New York: Taplinger, 1979.

Features the development of the flute during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, and nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Discusses avant-garde techniques including pitch bending, percussive effects, and multiphonics.

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Technique and Performance Practice

Chapman, Frederick B. Flute Technique, 4th ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 1973.
MT340.C4 1973

Covers breathing, embouchure, finger technique, articulation, practicing, and instrument maintenance. Includes a repertoire list.

Hotteterre, Jacques. Principles of the Flute, Recorder and Oboe. Translated and edited by David Lasocki. New York: F. A. Praeger, 1968.

A treatise on technique, embouchure, articulation, rhythmic inequality, ornamentation, and performance practice. Originally published in 1707.

Krell, John C. Knicaidiana: A Flute Player's Notebook. With a foreword by William R. Smith. Culver City, Cal.: Trio Associates, 1983.

Discusses breathing, embouchure, tone, vibrato, articulation, phrasing, alternate fingerings, ornamentation. Includes a repertoire list and an interview with William Kincaid.

Morris, Gareth. Flute Technique. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.

Summarizes the development of the flute, acoustics, breathing, intonation, articulation, phrasing, orchestral playing. Also provides fingering charts with alternate fingerings and a brief discussion of avant-garde techniques.

Quantz, Johann Joachim. On Playing the Flute, 2d ed. Translated with notes and an introduction by Edward R. Reilly. New York: Schirmer, 1985.
MT342.Q15 V42 1985a

A treatise covering embouchure, articulation, technique, ornamentation, cadenzas, and performance practice. Includes a brief history of the transverse flute. Originally published in 1752.

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Extended or Avant-Garde Techniques

Howell, Thomas. The Avant-Garde Flute: A Handbook for Composers and Flutists. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1974.

Provides instruction, notation, and fingerings for extended techniques, including harmonics, multiphonics, whistle tones, trills and tremolos, and key percussion. Also includes a discussion of amplification in performance.

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Biographical Sources

De Lorenzo, Leonardo. My Complete Story of the Flute: The Instrument, the Performer, the Music. Lubbock: Texas Tech University Press, 1992.
ML935.D36 1992

Brief history of the flute, biographies of professional pioneers in flute history, and information about notable amateur flutists. Includes autobiographical information.

Dorgeuille, Claude. The French Flute School, 1860-1950. London: Tony Bingham, 1986.

History of the professors, students, and events at the Paris Conservatory. Lists contest pieces and winners through the years.

Estevan, Pilar. Talking with Flutists: Jean-Pierre Rampal, Julius Baker, Marcel Moyse, Hubert Laws, Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Harvey Sollberger, Samuel Baron, Paula Robison. New York: Edu-Tainment Pub., 1976.

Interviews and brief biographies of the above artists.

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National Flute Association. National Flute Association Catalog, 6th ed. Compiled and edited by Serena Baker, Spencer Hunter, and Steve Jones. Tucson: University of Arizona Music Library, 1992.
ML128.F7 N37 1992 (Reference)

Covers the holdings of the National Flute Association Library. Provides the composer, title, publisher, and publication date for solo and chambers works.

Pellerite, James J. A Handbook of Literature for the Flute, rev., 3d ed. Bloomington, Ind.: Zalo Publication, 1978.
ML128.F7 P38 1978 (Reference)

Entries provide title, composer, instrumentation, editor, publisher, and brief descriptions of method books, orchestral studies, and solo and chamber works. Covers materials for alto, bass, and C flutes and piccolo.

Wilkins, Wayne. The Index of Flute Music Including the Index of Baroque Trio Sonatas. Magnolia, Ark.: Music Register, 1974.
ML128.F7 W678 (Reference)

Lists title, composer, instrumentation, editor, and publisher for method books and solo and chamber works.

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Flute Talk. Evanston, Ill.: The Instrumentalist Co.
ML1.F55 (Journals, 1986-present)

Features articles on technique, pedagogy, performing, competitions, recordings, performance practice, biographies, new music reviews.

The Flutist Quarterly. Royal Oak, Mich.: National Flute Association.
ML27.U5 N3676 (Journals, 1984-present)

Contains news and articles about competitions, conference reports, history, interviews, technique, performing, pedagogy, performance practice.

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