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last updated: 8/16/2007

Historic Brass Bibliography (Music Library)



Compiled by David Lasocki, Indiana University

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  •       This listing cumulates the bibliographies that I have been publishing in Historic Brass Society Journal annually since 1990.  It covers writings about Western brass instruments and their makers, making, original performance situations, performers, performance practices, repertory, and depiction in works of art through the nineteenth century.  Interviews with modern performers of historic brass instruments are also included, but not reports on conferences and workshops unless they contain significant historical information.  The items listed comprise books, theses and dissertations, and periodical articles in Western European languages.  All the books and articles are published.  Unpublished items and works-in-progress have been excluded (the Kohlenberg article cited does list such material).  For the most part, the bibliography is unannotated, although here and there I have added brief descriptive annotations to clarify the contents, scope, or bibliographic linkages of an item.    My English translations of all foreign titles are given in square brackets after the original titles.  For earlier historic brass publications, see Mark J. Fasman, Brass Bibliography: Sources on the History, Literature, Pedagogy, Performance, and Acoustics of Brass Instruments (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1990)

    last updated: 8/16/2007