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FAQ - Dates of People (Music Library)

Dates of People in the World of Music


Books to try first

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 1980. ML100 .G9 (Shelved on the Index Table).
Detailed biographical information, lists of works, and bibliographies.

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth-Century Classical Musicians. 1997. ML105 .S612 1997 (Shelved on the Index Table).

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians. 1992. ML105 .B173 1992 (Shelved on the Index Table)

Performing Arts Biography Master Index. 1982. PN1538 .M37 1982 (Shelved on the Index Table)
Good for less well-known people, but it is worth checking the information.

American composers

The New Grove Dictionary of American Music. 1986. ML100 .N45 (Shelved on the Index Table)

International Who's Who In Music and Musicians' Directory. 1994/1995. ML106.G7 W62 14th ed. (Shelved on the Index Table) Also some earlier editions in the general collection.

Who's Who in American Music: Classical. 1985. ML106 .U3 W46 2nd ed. (Shelved on the Index Table)

Contemporary American Composers: A Biographical Dictionary. 1982. ML 106 .U3 A5 (Ref.)

ASCAP Biographical Dictionary. 1980. ML 106 .U5 A82 1980 (Ref.)


Das Atlantisbuch der Dirigenten. 1985. In German. ML105 .A84 (Ref.)


The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz. 1988. ML102 .J3 N48 (Shelved on the Index Table)

Kinkle, The Complete Encyclopedia of Popular Music and Jazz 1900-1950. 1974. ML102 .P66 K55 (Ref.) Volumes 2 and 3 are biographical dictionaries.

Nineteenth century

Dizionario universale dei musicisti. 1926-38. In Italian. ML105 .S38 (Ref.)

Fétis, Biographie universelle des musiciens. 1860-80. In French. ML105 .F4 and ML105 .F41 (Ref.)

Opera Companies

Musical America: International Directory of the Performing Arts ML12 .M98 (Shelved on the Index Table)

Opera Companies and American Opera: A Directory. 1990. ML19 .H92 (Ref.)

Popular musicians

The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music. 1992. ML102 .P66 G84 1992 (Ref.)

The Faber Companion to 20th-Century Popular Music. 1990. ML102 .P66 H36 (Ref.)

The Oxford Companion to Popular Music. 1991. ML102 .P66 Q35 (Ref.)

The Encyclopedia of Pop, Rock, and Soul. 1989. ML102 .P66 S78 1989 (Ref.)

The "Rolling Stone" Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll. 1983. ML102 .R6 R64 (Ref.)


Grosses Sängerlexikon. 1987. In German. ML105 .K83 (Ref.)

Twentieth century

Contemporary Composers. 1992. ML105 .C675 (Ref.)
Very thorough entries.

Index to Biographies of Contemporary Composers. 1964. ML105 .B93 (Ref.)

A Bio-Bibliographical Dictionary of Twelve-Tone and Serial Composers. 1970. ML105. C284 (Ref.)
Includes brief bibliographies.

Altmann, Kurzgefasstes Tonkünstler-Lexikon, 15th ed. 1936-78. In German. ML105 .A468 (Ref.)

Women composers

International Encyclopedia of Women Composers. 1987. ML128 .W7 C7 1987 (Ref.)
Includes lists of works, pseudonyms.

Women in Music: A Biobibliography. 1975. ML 105 .H676 (Ref.)
Sources owned by the Music Library are indicated beginning on p. ix.

Women Composers: A Handbook. 1978. ML 105 .S7 (Ref.)
Sources owned by the Music Library are indicated beginning on p. 1.

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