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Reference (Music Library)

Reference and Instruction

Reference Desk Hours

View the hours and exceptions for the current session.

Policy for Reference Service

Describes our policy for patron and reference services and provides contact information.

Music Databases

Provides online and text resources for locating a variety of materials.

         Online Catalogs          Looking for Books?
         Indexes to Journals and Periodicals          Looking for Dissertations?
         Online Directories and Encyclopedias          Looking for Scores?
         Online Biographical Sources          Looking for Sound Recordings?
         Multidisciplinary Sources

Music Uniform Titles Tutorial

Created by David E. Fenske, R. Michael Fling, Brenda Nelson-Strauss, and Shirlene Ward, this online resource provides users with information on what uniform titles are and how to use them in online catolog searches.

         Form Titles
         Distinctive Titles
         Collective Titles
         Qualifiers to Titles

Music Library FAQs

The FAQ page explains where computers and audio-visual equipment are located in the library as well as how to reserve a research carrel and where to get an Access Card for use in the photo copy machines. This site also provides links to valuable research resources.

Use IUCAT Classification Number Ranges Find a Song or Aria
Addresses in Music Guide to Classification Numbers Vocal text Translations
Article Indexes Competitions Jobs in Music
Locate Periodicals Complete Works & Collected Editions Using the Music Index or RILM
Locate Biographical Information Locate Dissertations Footnotes & Bibliographies
Dates Festivals Improve my English


This page provides several topic-specific bibliographic guides to research. In addition to topics in bassoon, oboe, flutes, and brass, biographies of past School of Music professors may be found here.

Research Guides

This page provides links to research guides for all the primary instruments. Each Guide provides an explanation of the relevant call numbers, a list of common subject headings, and a selected bibliography.

Past School of Music Faculty

The Past School of Music Faculty page provides a complete listing of current and former faculty members. Biographical information for past faculty will be updated frequently.

last updated: 4/10/2012