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last updated: 8/9/2013

Materials - Video Materials (Music Library)

Video Materials in the General Collection

IUCAT Displays:

Cook Music Library - Frontlog - Videodiscs -- Ask Staff
Cook Music Library - Frontlog - Videotapes -- Ask Staff
Cook Music Library - DVDs
Cook Music Library - Videotapes
  • Type of material: Videotapes and DVDs.

  • Where found: These items are stored in closed stack areas and must be retrieved by library staff for your use.

  • How to access:
    1. Use IUCAT to find the call number of the item you wish to listen to.
    2. Request retrieval of the item in one of three ways:
      • Fill out a yellow retrieval request slip at the circulation desk and give it to the desk attendant.  Be sure to include your name, the IUCAT location, and the call number.  The item will be retrieved within 15 minutes and held for you until the end of the day.

      • Print a copy of the IUCAT record that contains the composer, title, IUCAT location, and call number. Write your name clearly on the printout and turn it in at the circulation desk. The item will be retrieved within 15 minutes and held for you until the end of the day.
      • Send an email message to libmus [at] requesting that an item or item(s) be retrieved and held for you that day. You should receive a response within 30 minutes indicating the status of your request.
    3. Once your recordings have been retrieved, you can pick them up at the circulation desk.
    4. Go to one of the appropriate playback machines to listen to your recordings. (There are VCRs and DVD players located on the first floor of the Music Library).

  • Loan periods:
    • Indiana University School of Music Faculty: One semester
    • School of Music Associate Instructors with course teaching assignments: 2 weeks (restricted to materials needed for teaching).
    • Indiana University students, staff, and faculty outside the School of Music: 6 hours within the library
    • Indiana residents: 6 hours within the library

  • Overdue fines:
    • Students, staff and Indiana residents:
      • $1.20 per hour
        • $25.00-- Maximum overdue fine (non-refundable)
        • $100.00 -- Minimum standard fee for replacement of the item
        • $20.00 -- Database adjustment fee
        • $ 5.00 -- Billing fee
        Credit will be issued for everything but the $25.00 overdue fine if the material is returned.

        There is also a non-refundable $25.00 fine for any audio or video item removed from the Music Library without prior authorization.

    • Indiana University faculty: No overdue fines unless item has been recalled.

  • Renewals:
    For School of Music Faculty and Associate Instructors: Items may be renewed twice after initial checkout unless requested by another patron. After the second renewal, items must be returned to the Music Library. In general, instructors are asked to respect the needs of other patrons and return items as soon as they are no longer needed.

    For patrons using the materials within the library: Items may be renewed if needed longer than the initial 6-hour loan period.

  • Recalls: Any item may be recalled from a faculty member or Associate Instructor after it has been charged out for two weeks.

    For School of Music Faculty and Associate Instructors: If someone recalls an item you have out, you will receive a letter from the Music Library asking that you bring the item back earlier than you may have anticipated.

    If you choose to ignore the notice, you will be billed for the replacement of the item plus a non-refundable $25.00 fine.

last updated: 8/9/2013