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last updated: 8/9/2013

Materials - Reserve Books/Scores (Music Library)

Reserve Books and Scores

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Reserve Desk
  • Type of material: Books and scores placed on course reserve by School of Music professors.
  • Where found: Green-bannered items are shelved in call number order in the Reserve Room (to the left, just past the circulation desk) in the Music Library.
  • How to access: Find the item in the Reserve Room.  Take it to the Reserves Station at the circulation desk to check it out of the room (and out of the library if desired) for two hours.
  • Loan periods:
    • Indiana University faculty: 2 hours
    • Indiana University students and staff: 2 hours
    • Indiana residents: 2 hours
    • These items may also be taken out of the library two hours before closing to be returned one hour after closing the next day.
  • Overdue fines:
    • Students, staff and Indiana residents:
      • $1.20 per hour ($25.00 max)
      • After 24 hours, we assume the material will not be returned. A bill will be sent for:
        • $25.00-- Maximum overdue fine (non-refundable)
        • $100.00 -- Minimum standard fee for replacement of the item
        • $20.00 -- Database adjustment fee
        • $5.00 -- Billing fee
        Credit will be issued for everything but the $25.00 overdue fine if the material is returned.

    • Indiana University faculty: No overdue fines unless item has been recalled.

  • Renewals: Reserve items may not be renewed over the phone or via email. If you are using the material in the library and need to keep it longer, return the item to the Reserves Station and check it out again.

  • Recalls: There are no recalls or holds on reserve materials.

last updated: 8/9/2013