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last updated: 12/13/2011

Materials - Journals/Periodicals (Music Library)

Journals and Periodicals

IUCAT Displays:

Cook Music Library - Oversize Journals
  • Type of material: Journals, magazines, and other periodicals

  • Where found:
    • Recent periodicals are found in the periodical browsing area on the first floor of the Music Library. They are shelved alphabetically by title. Additional copies of each title may be found by lifting up the shelf.
    • Bound volumes of periodicals are shelved in various places in the Music Library, depending upon classification. Most of them are found on the third floor and classed in ML1 or ML5, or classed by subject area.

  • How to access: Find the item on the shelf and use it in the library.

  • Loan periods: Journals and periodicals, regardless of classification number, format, or shelving location, may not be taken out of the library.

last updated: 12/13/2011