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last updated: 3/1/2012

Materials - Monuments (Music Library)

Monumental Sets and Collected Editions Classed As M2 or M3

IUCAT Displays:

Cook Music Library - M2-M3

  • Type of material: M2s are major collections of music, many of them based on a specific historical time period. They are often called "monuments" sets. M3s are complete editions (although some are still being completed) of the music of individual composers.

  • Where found: In the open stacks on the first floor of the Music Library. All of these items are classed as M2 (monument sets) or M3 (collected editions).

  • How to access: Find item on shelf and use in library or take to circulation desk to check out of library. For help locating pieces within M2 or M3 sets, go here.

  • Loan periods:
    • Indiana University faculty: 6 hours
    • Indiana University students and staff: 6 hours
    • Indiana residents: in-library use only

  • Overdue fines:
    • Students, staff and Indiana residents:
      • $1.20 per hour ($25.00 max)

    • Indiana University faculty:
      • No overdue fines unless item has been recalled.

    • Renewals: M2-M3 items may not be renewed. However, on returning the item, if no one else has requested it and it does not need repair or binding, you may check it out again.

    • Recalls/Holds: Any item may have a hold placed on it by another patron after it has been charged out. If someone requests an item you have out, you will not be able to check it out again until the other patron has used it.

last updated: 3/1/2012