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last updated: 2/26/2013

Digital Equipment Policies, Description, and Instruction Manual (Media & Reserve Services)

Please read the Media & Reserve Services Circulating Equipment Policies before you borrow equipment. 

Laptops circulate from the West Tower Circulation Desk.

Earbuds are available for purchase from the Library East Tower Circulation Desk, and headphones are available from
the Library West Tower Circulation Desk. 


Podcasting: Indiana University on iTunes U

iPod touch

iPod touch players are available for loan to provide a means for IU students to
make use of audio content including podcasts, and free online content.

iPod touch Manual (85 pages)

Digital Video

Flip Ultra (USB)

Flip Video Quickstart Plug & play video camera with a USB connector for PC/MAC computers.  2GB memory gives you 60 minutes recording time.  1.5" LCD for instant reviewing.  Tripod mount

Voice Recorders

Olympus WS-110 

  The Olympus WS-110 Digital Voice Recorder is an excellent recorder for any podcaster who wants to experiment with recording away from a studio. Practice recordings for business purposes or record your own podcast. It's simple to use, has 69 hours available for recording, and easily links to your PC with a USB port.  Records in WMA format.

WS-110 Manual (14 pages)    


Tape Recorders

Califone 1300

   Califone Tape Recorder Manual (8 pages)   

last updated: 2/26/2013