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last updated: 8/31/2011

Indiana Ancestry, Ethnicity and Race (Geology Library)

This Web Page provides links to maps showing the ancestry of Indiana residents. The maps are based on the U.S. Census Bureau's Statistical Files 1 and 3 (SF1 and SF3). The links below can be used to view maps showing the distribution of people of various racial, ethnic and ancestry groups by civil township (Census County Subdivision). Maps for race and ethnicity are based on statistics for a single race. The Ancestry maps are based on the first ancestry reported on the long form of the 2000 Census, which was sent to 1 in 6 people. These maps were produced with a Geographic Information System (GIS), which is computer hardware, software and data that can be used to, map, store and analyze geographically referenced information. To learn more about GIS, see the IU Libraries' GIS Services web site.  You can also learn about GIS at GIS Day, which will be held in the lobby of the Wells Library. 

Ancestry Maps

Race and Ethnicity Maps

Poster with all maps showing Indiana Ancestry, Ethnicity and Race (Large File, 4.9 MB, Page Size 26" X 36")

last updated: 8/31/2011