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last updated: 5/9/2013

Herman B Wells Lobby Policy

The Herman B Wells Library is a destination for students, faculty, and researchers from every part of campus and beyond. Attracted in large measure by the vast resources and services within the building, they also rely on essential library spaces in which to accomplish their academic goals.

A broad spectrum of activity within the Wells Library reflects the diversity within the academic community. It also requires that we balance the competing interests of those who wish to use the building in different ways.

Our goal is to limit disruptions to the everyday work of students and faculty who rely on the environments the library provides, while also accommodating a small number of events that advance the mission of the IUB Libraries. The policy below describes lobby use within the context of our overall mission to support the teaching, learning, and research on campus.



The Wells Library Lobby is open 24 hours per day with the exception of a limited number of times near major holidays.  Individuals are permitted to have Food and beverages. However, food distribution and large group meals are prohibited. The distribution and sale of merchandise is prohibited. From midnight to 8am use of the Wells Library Lobby is restricted to IU faculty, staff, and students (must be able to produce a valid IU Photo ID upon request).



The designated bulletin board near the down escalator is available for public use.  The board is cleared on Tuesday of every week.



The display cases in the lobby are not available to non-library groups.


The glass cases outside of the Herman B Wells lobby entrances are available for university use.  These materials should be delivered to the Wells Library, West Tower first floor Reference Desk.


The Libraries sanction a limited number of public events in the lobby including orientation activities and library-related events.  Individuals or groups may not hold organized events, activities, information tables or displays, or sales tables in the Wells Library lobby with the exception of the Wells Library sponsored InfoShare Days.   Solicitation and distribution of leaflets, fliers, coupons, etc. are not permitted in the Wells Library Lobby.



The Libraries provide lockers for daily use. The lockers are cleared each morning at 8 am. Tokens for locker use may be purchased at the east tower circulation desk on the first floor.   The Libraries are not responsible for personal items left in the lobby or elsewhere in the library.



The use of bicycles, skates and skateboards is not permitted in the lobby. Sleeping is not appropriate for the lobby. Non-offensive personal hygiene is expected of all lobby users as is appropriate public attire, including shoes. Disruptive or unlawful behavior will be reported to IUPD.


Questions regarding the Wells Library Lobby should be directed to the Facilities Manager in the Administrative Office located on the second floor.



last updated: 5/9/2013