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last updated: 8/16/2007

Find A Book (Information Commons)

To find a book in the IUB Libraries you should use IUCAT, the online library catalog. Access IUCAT.

Explanation of how to find books in IUCAT

To Login or Not to Login...

You might be asking yourself why should you login as opposed to using the guest login and saving that valuable time, but in actuality logging in may be the biggest time saver of all.  Logging in allows you to request delivery and manage your library account.  If you find that the book you need is not available at your library and would like to request it to be delivered, you will have to do your search all over again after logging in.

In the beginning...
  • If you want to find books about a topic, but your not sure what specific subject they are use the search box next to the "keyword anywhere" drop down box.
  • if you would like to add more terms, any of the boxes can be used, just select "keyword anywhere" in the drop down menu
 basic search screen
When you know the title...
  • go to the "Begins with (Browse)" search located at the bottom of the right hand column
    titled "More IUCAT Searches 
  • type the title of the book in the "Browse on" box, if the title starts with the, a or an
    skip it, and start your title with the second word. 
  • select a library or use the default "ALL"
  • click the "Title" button
When you want to find a book on a specific subject...
  • go to the "Advanced Keyword Search" located in the "More IUCAT Searches" Column on the right side of he page 
  • type a term or terms that describe your topic in the search box next to the drop down menu labeled "Subject
  • if you type more than one search term you can change other drop down boxes to "Subject" as well.

Note: If this search does not produce any results, you can try the same search and click the "Keywords Anywhere" button.

 subject search screen

After you have found the record for your book in IUCAT...

last updated: 8/16/2007