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last updated: 3/24/2014

IC Mission and Policies (Information Commons)



The Information Commons supports and enhances student learning and research by providing state of the art technology and resources in an academic environment.  The Information Commons (IC) provides two distinct learning environments to accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of Indiana University Bloomington students:


  • The Information Commons 1 provides an environment conducive to active learning and collaborative work.
  • The Information Commons 2 provides a productive environment for quiet, individual work.


IC Policies


All IC users must adhere to the following:


  • Respect for others and appropriate personal conduct are requirements for making the dynamic and academic environment of the IC possible.   
  • Any person who is disrupting or whose behavior threatens to disrupt the work of others in the IC will be asked to cease the disruptive activity or may be asked to leave.  
  • Unattended computers will be restarted after 15 minutes when patrons are waiting to use the IC equipment. 
  • Sleeping, offensive bodily hygiene, or behavior that results in complaints or threatens to damage library property, disruptive behavior, food/beverage distribution, soliciting, roughhousing, pets, rollerblades/skates, bicycles, etc. are not permitted in the IC.

Users of the IC1 must adhere to the following:


  • Cell phone ringers are turned off or set to vibrate 
  • Individuals using a Priority Use group workstation or multimedia workstation will be asked to move to another workstation, if the equipment is needed for its intended priority use.  In addition:
    • An individual may not hold a workstation for a group
    • One workstation per group 
  • Speak in normal conversational tones
  • From midnight to 8am use of the IC is restricted to IU faculty, staff, and students. Anyone who can not upon request present a valid IU Photo ID or proof of official affiliation with IU will be asked to leave.  

Users of the IC2 must adhere to the following:


  • Cell-phones must be turned off  
  • Group work is not permitted 
  • Quiet Area 

    IC Policy Relating to Print or Electronic Communication:
    Signs, displays, exhibits, posters, or other types of print or electronic communications are limited to those posted by IC service providers.


Related University Policies


All Indiana University policies on appropriate use of computers and on appropriate conduct apply in the Information Commons:


  • IU Student Code of Rights, Responsibility and Conduct


  • Indiana University Appropriate Use Technology Policies


  • IU Libraries Public Policies



last updated: 3/24/2014