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last updated: 9/7/2007

Libraries & Collections

The Indiana University Bloomington Libraries include the Herman B Wells Library as well as over twenty campus libraries and special libraries.  Ranked among the fifteen largest research libraries in the United States, the Libraries' collections number over fifteen million items, in formats ranging from handwritten correspondence and incunabula to electronic resources and sheet music.  At the end of the 2005/2006 academic year, the Libraries held over 6.3 million bound volumes in over seventy languages, thousands of scholarly journals, 400 electronic databases, 600,000 maps, 252,000 sound recordings, and 38,000 films and videos.  As the largest research library in Indiana, the Libraries' collections help support research, teaching, and learning at Indiana University and the information needs of all of the state's citizens.

For more information about the collections go to  To learn more about specific subject areas, please consult one of the Libraries' collection managers at

last updated: 9/7/2007