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last updated: 11/2/2006

Announcement Redefining the Mission of the University Archives

Announcement Redefining the
Mission of the University Archives
June 7, 2005


President Adam W. Herbert has approved a name change and an expanded set of responsibilities for the University Archives.  Effective immediately, the Archives is renamed the Office of University Archives and Records Management, and assumes the authority to undertake the duties of managing records created by IU Bloomington offices, schools and departments, and by University administration.  What does this mean for you?  Bottom line, it means that the Archives can provide better, more extensive services that will help you manage your records from the point of creation to final disposition.  More specifically, as part of the records management responsibilities our Office can assist you with the following:

  • Determine how long records need to be retained for legal, fiscal, administrative and historical reasons, and ultimately assist you in making decisions to destroy records that no longer have any value to your office or to the university
  • Develop retention schedules and disposition strategies that reflect these decisions
  • Discuss strategies for effectively managing e-mail and scanned images
  • Assist you in designing and implementing electronic information systems that meet international and national standards and best practices for recordkeeping

Of course, the Office of University Archives and Records Management will continue to serve as the archives for the campus.  As an archives, the primary mission will be to collect, organize, make accessible, and preserve records documenting Indiana University's origins and development and the activities and achievements of its officers, faculty, students, alumni, and benefactors.  As part of its archival services, the staff will assist you with the following:

  • Identify records with long-term value, and ensure that you are saving the records that must be retained for legal or administrative reasons or that have long-term historical value
  • Box-up material and transfer the records to the Archives
  • Arrange and describe the records
  • Make records readily accessible to those who have a need or right to view them
  • Preserve the records in archival quality boxes and folders
  • Store records in a facility that is ideally suited for the preservation of records

It should be mentioned that these archival services, as well as the records management activities performed by the Archives staff, do not come with a price tag attached.  We do not charge for our services, unless extraordinary requests are made.


In sum, with these additional responsibilities, the Office of University Archives and Records Management can now provide you with more and better services.  We encourage you to contact us, and we will meet with you to discuss a records management strategy that fits your specific needs.

last updated: 11/2/2006