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last updated: 5/22/2012

Computers & Copy Machines (Life Sciences Library)


There are six public workstations with access to all library electronic resources and a laser printer available on Level A of the library.  There is one workstation near the stairwell on Level B.

Copy Machines

There are one photocopy machines in the Life Sciences Library.  Features include:

·         Letter and legal size paper

·         11" x 17" paper

·         Double-sided copies

·         Enlargements and reductions

·         Overhead transparencies (Transparencies should be made on high-temperature transparency sheets only.  These sheets are available at the bookstore.)

For users with departmental accounts, contact your secretary or faculty sponsor for a departmental copy card.  Personal copying can be done by using any Indiana University ID, Campus Access Card, cash, or a guest card.  All of them accept $1 bills and coins.  There is a Value Transfer Station to add value to your cards in the Life Sciences Library.  It accepts $5, $10, and $20 bills.


If a student card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Campus Access Office at 5-8711.  Lost Departmental cards should be reported to Copy Machines at 5-2066.  They will lock that card out of the system and reissue a new one (there is a $15 charge for the replacement card).  If you cancel the card but then find it, the charge will only be $5.

last updated: 5/22/2012