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last updated: 1/19/2010

Herman B Wells (University Archives)

Herman B Wells, 1902-2000

Biographical information
Biography, Chronology, and Centennial site

Personal papers
personal papers
 includes personal correspondence, family papers, class notes, teaching materials, banking information and papers related to Being Lucky. 

Presidential records
The presidential records from Wells' tenure are housed in over 600 boxes, containing a wealth of information on the university during his presidency. A finding aid is also available for his Speeches, many of which have been digitized and are linked to in the collection guide.

Chancellor records
Included in the Chancellor records are Wells' Administrative files, organized in four subseries: Administrative subject files, Individual name files, Miscellaneous subject and name files, Chronological files, and his Public service and other outside activities files. In 2006, the Archives received another large transfer of records from the Chancellor's office. At this time, these are not reflected in the finding aids. Please contact the Archives for further information.

last updated: 1/19/2010