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Institutional records (University Archives)

Below are links to finding aids for processed collections that have not yet been converted to the new finding aids format.  (For the new finding aids, see

The finding aids are only for processed collections.  The University Archives holds approximately 15,000 cubic feet of material, some of it unprocessed, so if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the University Archives for further inquiries.

Arts and Sciences, College of; Office of the Dean -- Records of Frank T. Gucker, 1940-1966


Chancellor, University --
Administrative Records of Herman B Wells, 1939-1994
Public Service and Other Outside Activities, Records of Herman B Wells, 1947-1995

Faculties, Dean of --
Records of the Dean of Faculties, 1968-1975
Records of the Dean of Faculties, 1975-1980
Records of the Dean of Faculties, 1980-1989

Historic Preservation, University Committee on --
Records of Donald F. Carmony, 1968-1989

Library and Information Science, School of (SLIS) -- Records of Bernard M. Fry, Dean, 1967-1980

Medicine, School of --
Records of the Office of the Dean, 1890-1949
Records of the James Whitcomb Riley Memorial Association, 1962-1980
Records of the Registrar, 1915-1956

Public and Environmental Affairs, School of (SPEA) -- Records of the Office of the Dean, 1969-1993

University Ceremonies and Special Projects --
Records of Shoshana Harper, 1990-1997 (bulk)
Records of Wayne O. Craig, 1982-1991

University Relations and External Affairs; Assistant Vice-President -- Records of James L. Green, 1963-1995

University Relations --
Records of Charles M. Coffey, Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of Special Events, 1971-1982
Records of James R. Jordan, Assistant to the President, 1964-1968
Records of Claude T. Rich, Director, 1968-1976
Records of Joseph O. Butcher, Director of Special Services, 1957-1977
Records of Thaddeus M. Bonus, Vice-President for, 1962-1980

last updated: 1/5/2012