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last updated: 7/1/2005

Mission Statement (University Archives)

The mission of the Indiana University, Bloomington Office of Archives and Records Management is to manage information resources by or about the University in support of administration, teaching, research and service. To this end, the Office will:

  • Collect, appraise, organize and preserve records of enduring value in all formats created by administrators, faculty, students, and alumni
  • Support research and teaching by making available and encouraging the use of its collections by the IU community and the public
  • Provide information services which support University administrators in performance of their duties
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of the history, programs, and goals of Indiana University
  • Provide overall direction for developing and implementing a records management strategy for IU Bloomington offices, schools, and departments and for administrative offices on the IUB campus that have system-wide responsibilities
  • Assist administrators, faculty, and staff in the identification and description of records, in the determination of how long records need to be retained, and in the development of retention schedules and disposition strategies that reflect these decisions
  • Assist IUB offices in designing and implementing electronic information systems that meet international and national standards and best practices for recordkeeping

last updated: 7/1/2005