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last updated: 4/8/2013

Types of Instruction

The Information Commons Instructional Services staff offer a wide range of instructional options for your students.  Some of these include:

A Single Session Focusing on an Assignment: Tailored to meet the information requirements of a specific class or assignment, a single library instruction session introduces basic library, research and evaluation skills.  
Faculty/Instructors are encouraged to schedule a single library session after a research assignment has been given.  

Multiple Sessions Integrated into your Course: More effective than a single session, multiple library meetings can be used throughout the semester to introduce graduated concepts.  In addition, repeated exposure to library material helps students to better retain and apply what they have learned.

Library Tours: Standard 30-minute tours are offered to introduce your class to the Wells Library and orient students to library resources and services.

In addition to the above, our staff will collaborate with you to create unique instructional opportunities.  These might include:

- Small Group Instruction as a stand-alone or supplement to traditional library instruction sessions.
- Presentations within your Classroom as a means of introducing library services or concepts during the semester.
- Library Workshops assigned to students as an extra credit or out-of-class activity.

Feel free to contact or 855-9857 to determine the right combination of instructional experiences for your students or fill out the online form to request library instruction.

last updated: 4/8/2013