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Library Technologies Core Services (LTCS) Home Page

LTCS provides technology support for most libraries in the Indiana University system. Our services link library patrons and staff to over 21,000 electronic subscribed resources, host over 26,000 electronic reserves, and administer the virtual reference service. We also provide the servers, workstations, and applications for all library electronic administrative needs.

  • The Bloomington office has responsibilities that span all IU campuses in addition to providing support to the almost 40 Bloomington campus libraries and administrative departments.
  • The Indianapolis office provides support to the Indianapolis and regional campus libraries.
  • The UITS Library Information Systems team provides support and development for I.U.'s Unicorn library management system.

Connecting: Getting Connected! Tips for Connecting to Electronic Resources

If you experience problems in connecting to a database, electronic journal or other resource you need, check the information on the Getting Connected! page.

Checking Accessibility: Outages and Downtime

Find information about planned downtime and current outages of electronic journals and databases

Printing: STC Printing Allotments at IUB

Check your current printing allotment and find other printing allotmet information.

Saving Files: Oncourse CL

Use Oncourse CL, a centralized storage system, to save your work at any IU Bloomington Libraries computer. For other file storage options, see At IUB and IUPUI, what options do I have for storing my files?

Borrowing Equipment: Information Commons Circulating Laptop Policies and
               Media & Reserve Services Digital Equipment Lending

Find information about laptops and digital equipment available for check-out at the Wells Library.

Multimedia: Multimedia Tools in the Information Commons

Tools are available for video, audio, photo, text scanning and OCR.

Usability: Usability Working Group (Digital Library Program)

This group will inform, facilitate and promote usability and accessibility intitiatives for online services provided by the Bloomington Libraries and serve an advisory role for user assessment issues.

To report problems with a computer or printer while you are working at an IU Bloomington library, contact staff on duty at that library.

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last updated: 1/24/2013