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Data: Topical Data Pathfinders and User Guides

What are in the Pathfinders and/or User Guides?

These pathfinders and/or user guides provide web-based annotated bibliographies of data sources for a variety of topics or subjects. Since the targeted audience is IUB data users seeking statistical data on certain subject areas or topics related to IU instructional and research activities, the pathfinders and user guides include data sources which are available on the IUB campus or accessible on the web by IUB faculty, staff, and students. IU Libraries' call numbers are provided for available sources in print, microfiche and microfilm, and hot links for internet sources. The annotations introduce users to the temporal and/or geographical and subject area coverage of each source, as well as providing tips for efficient use.

What if I cannot find data from these Pathfinders and/or User Guides?

If you could not find what you are looking for with these pathfinders and/or user guides, or you need further assistance, please contact Government Information, Maps and Microform Services in person (2nd floor, East Tower, Wells Library), by phone (855-6924) or by e-mail (

Selected Topics

Census Data (U. S.) | Educational Data | Election Data | Employment & Labor Data | Historical Statistics | Immigration Statistics | Military & Defense Statistics | Public Opinion Survey Data | Religious Data | Tourism Statistics | Weather & Climate Data | World Health Statistics | World Literacy Statistics

last updated: 6/12/2013