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last updated: 6/7/2013

Data: Services at IUB

Serving statistical data users at IUB is a collaborative endeavor of the IU Libraries and various research or supporting units on the Bloomington campus, including the Karl F. Schuessler Institute for Social Research and the Stat/Math Center of University Information Technology Services (UITS). Staff in the Government Information, Maps and Microform Services unit of the Herman B Wells Library coordinates the access to statistical information as well as the collection development and management of statistical data resources to meet burgeoning statistical data needs of the Indiana University community. We acquire and manage an extensive collection of statistical information resources in both print and electronic format.

The collection consists of demographic, economic, and education data, as well as censuses, election studies, social surveys, public opinion polls, and data on health, criminal justice, and environment. The data range from historic to contemporary, domestic to international, small to large area statistics, and manipulatable microdata to fact-oriented aggregated data. Computer workstations as well as microfiche/ microfilm readers are available within our department for users to access statistical data resources in various machine-readable formats. Several librarians and staff within the IUB Libraries work as a team to provide:

  • Acquisition of new data sets according to data user needs, in collaboration with related University units and other sources;
  • Reference services and consultation to identify statistical data sources, retrieve, manipulate, and create data files for teaching and research;
  • Technical assistance to users to determine the content and format of data files in the collection as related to data user needs;
  • Enhanced access to U.S. census data, Indiana state statistics, as well as a variety of international statistical data sources;
  • Workshop-based instruction and user training in finding and using statistical data and information resources;
  • Referrals to statistical data resources that are not available on campus and for the questions that are beyond our expertise.

Main Contact for Statistical Data Services at IUB Libraries:
Lou Malcomb, Head, Government Information, Maps and Microform Services
East Tower 2 264 Wells Library,
Indiana University - Bloomington

last updated: 6/7/2013