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last updated: 9/29/2008

Subject and Area Librarians Council Home Page

Our Mission: To support and strengthen teaching, learning and research by providing the collections, services, and environments that lead to intellectual discovery. As subject specialists, we strive to make specialized, individual connections between researchers and students and library collections and services.

What We Do: Subject and Area Librarians select library materials, provide specialized reference services, offer both group and individualized instruction, and serve as liaisons to academic departments whose collections are housed in the Herman B Wells Library Research Collections. 

Build the Library’s Collections – We are responsible for selecting library materials for 29 subject areas. We actively seek input from faculty and students. You are invited to recommend an item for purchase or contact the librarian responsible for your subject to discuss collections.

Provide reference and research consultation – Subject and Area Librarians are available to meet with you for indepth reference and research consultations.  You may contact Subject and Area Studies librarians via e-mail, IM, telephone, or by visiting our offices and web pages

Teach students how to do research – We provide library learning experiences tailored to specific IUB undergraduate and graduate courses. We work with the instructor to gather relevant resources and introduce students to appropriate research methods. See Class Pages for examples of resources for course-specific library instruction.

Who We Are: The Subject and Area Librarians offer a unique set of skills in support of the teaching, learning and research goals of the University.

We are researchers.  In addition to advanced degrees in library and information science, all subject and area librarians have advanced degrees in other subject areas.  Many subject and area librarians have PhDs, pursue their own research, and are active in national scholarly societies and associations.

We are subject and area specialists.  Subject and area librarians specialize in their areas and carry out reference, instruction, collection development, and collection management in just those subjects, thus developing a depth of expertise for patrons.

We are information specialists.  As librarians, we have special expertise in many databases and other tools that facilitate research and we keep up to date with the latest developments in these tools.  We stay current with the latest in publishing, the electronic frontier, and scholarly information.

last updated: 9/29/2008