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last updated: 8/6/2013

Policies (Life Sciences Library)

Checking out Life Sciences Library Materials


Each person who wishes to check out books or reserve items must present a student/staff/faculty ID card, Indiana University Libraries borrower's card or other picture id. This policy protects the library and the library user.

Loan Periods
Most books circulate for a minimum of thirty days (or longer depending on your status). Reserve materials circulate for two hours and may NOT check out overnight. Reference items and current journal issues are restricted to use in the Library. Unlike other circulating material, reserve items may NOT be renewed by phone or e-mail.


Summary of loan periods:





Indiana Residents


120 days

120 days

120 days

45 days

30 days


2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours



2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

2 hours

* Current journal issues circulate only by permission of the Head of the Library or the Branch Coordinator, usually for two hours.


Location of Circulating Materials

Most circulating materials are found on the shelves around the Reading Area or in the Reserve Section.  Reserve materials have a 2-hour loan period. Items may be renewed, subject to requests from other users. Many items that were once located in the Life Sciences Library are now located in Remote Storage Area (ALF) and may be requested through IUCAT.



All circulating library materials (with the exception of reserve materials) may be renewed in person, by phone, by mail, or through My Account on IUCAT. Renewal requests may also be sent electronically to our e-mail account at or using a web form on the library web page. Material may be renewed only if no one else has requested it or it is not needed for reserve.



All books needed for reserve are subject to immediate recall regardless of the date due. Other books are subject to recall by another user any time, and must be returned within ten days. A $25 fine is assessed for recalled materials that are not returned within ten days. Books that are recalled are held at the circulation desk when returned. They will be kept at the circulation desk for a period of one week after notification of their availability has been sent.


Life Sciences Library Fines

Overdue Fines:

Fines for Regular Loans:

$.25 Per Day

$12.50 Maximum Overdue Fine

[plus additional fines (below) if item is not returned]


Fines for Reserves Materials:

$1.20 per hour

 $25.00 Maximum overdue fine

[plus additional fines (below) if item is not returned]


Fines for a recalled item not returned in 10 days:


[plus additional fines (below) if item is not returned]


Bills for Unreturned items:

Replacement cost*


Billing fee


Database Adjustment Fee


Overdue fine



Life Sciences Library Food Policy

Food and covered drinks are allowed in the Life Sciences Library. As a courtesy to other patrons and to the staff, please dispose of garbage properly. No food or drink will be allowed at the computers.


Life Sciences Library Phone Policy

The phone at the Circulation Desk is for the use of the library personnel only.


Life Sciences Library Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use in the Life Sciences Library is prohibited. Patrons are requested to turn off their cell phones when entering the library and to take phone conversations outside.


Life Sciences Quiet/Talking Policy

Individuals are encouraged to respect the rights of all library users and to help create an environment that promotes learning and supports research.  The library is a "LIMITED TALKING" area. Talking in a non-loud voice is permitted as appropriate for collaboration and small group (2-3) discussion. Loud talking is not appropriate.

last updated: 8/6/2013