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Publications listed alphabetically by Title. Selection is based on use. If we digitize or receive a document in digital format which is in the public domain, we will list it here. Most are in pdf format. They do not meet digital library standards.



Adventures with Fossils, by Robert H. Shaver.
Indiana Department of Conservation, Geological Survey. 1959. Circular No. 6. Wells Library - EastTower2 - Indiana Collection or Geosciences Library. QE 109 .A16. no. 6

Analysis of Alternative Sales Tax Exemption Plans. Indiana Commission on State Tax and Financing Policy. Prepared for the Senate Finance Committee. 1-18-1965.

American Colonization Society - A Register of Its Records In The Library of Congress.
The records of the American Colonization Society were presented to the Library of Congress and augmented in subsequent years with additional information. They span the years 1792-1964, with the bulk of material concentrated in the period 1823-1912.
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society
"Answer of the Agent of the Indiana Colonization Society to the Resolution of Inquiry on the Subject of African Colonization, Passed by the House of Representatives of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, on the 3d of February, 1852."
J. P. Chapman, State Printer, Indianapolis: 1852.
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society

The Associated Work of the Women of Indiana, by Ida A. Harper. Indiana World's Fair Monographs. Indianapolis, IN: W.B.Burford. 1893.


Atlas of Indiana by Robert C. Kingsbury.
With contributions from John M. Hollingsworth and others. Occasional Publication No. 5. Department of Geography, Indiana University. 1971. Wells Library, East Tower 2, Indiana Collection. G1400 .K53 1970.
Atlas of Southern Indiana by Robert C. Kingsbury.
With contributions from: William D. Brooks, Sue T. Chapman, John M. Hollingsworth, Patricia R. Kingsbury, Norma I. MacGregor, Richard L. McCain, Milo W. Nadler, Richard L. Powell, Pius O. Sada, Robert E. Seidel, Norman A. Tague. Wells Library, East Tower 2, Indiana Collection. G1400 .K55.

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Bloomington Growth Policies Plan: Public Hearing Draft.  1991. March 1, 1991.  Camiros, Ltd. Indianapolis. Print available Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection HT 168 .B58 B56 1991.
Bloomington PCB Cleanup Project
Bloomington, IN (P.O. Box 6000, Bloomington 47402) : Westinghouse Waste Technology Services Division, [between 1985 and 1987]  Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection TD196.P65 B56
Bloomington News-Letter: A Weekly Democratic Newspaper.
A.B. & J.C. Carlton Editors. Bloomington, IN 1855-1856. Print: Wells Library ET2 Microfilm AN2.B6 B6 1854 Jan. 28-1855 Nov. 24
Blueprint for a Greater Indiana:from the office of George N. Craig, Governor, State of Indiana. Indiana Governor. Print in Wells Library - EastTower2 - Secure: HC107 .I6B62 1950a.
[Note: Early plans for interstate highway like I-69]


Brief History of Capital Punishment in the State of Indiana. Indiana State Prison. Ward Lane, Warden.
Print in Wells Library - EastTower2 - Secure: HV 8699 .U5L385 1967.

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Calumet Trail. Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Division of Outdoor Recreation. Hoosier Bikeway System.  Print copy available in Wells Library  ET2 (Indiana Collection) G4092 .I45E63 1978 .I5
Censorship:  United States Government Historical Reports on War Administration Office of Censorship--Series 1. A Report on the Office of Censorship.
Washington, D.C. 1945. Note: The Office of Censorship was established by Executive Order 8985 of December 19, 1941, to censor communications by mail, cable, radio or other means of transmission passing between the United States and any foreign country. The Office was terminated by Executive Order 9631 of September 28, 1945 effective November 15, 1945.
See also:
Code of Wartime Practices for the American Press and Radio Edition of May 15,1945 (in pdf)
Code of Wartime Practices for American Broadcasters Edition of June 15, 1942 (in pdf.)
Code of Wartime Practices for Nonmilitary Radio Services Edition of March 1, 1943 (in pdf)
Report on the Office of Censorship. November 15, 1945
Rules for Operating Companies Edition of February 19, 1942
U.S. Cable and Radio Censorship Regulations Edition of February 19, 1942
U.S. Censorship Regulations Edition of January 30, 1943
U.S. Postal Censorhip Regulations Edition of April 13, 1942
U.S. Radiotelephone Censorship Regulations Edition of February 19, 1942

Chronology of Indiana in the Civil War, 1861-1865.

Indiana. Civil War Centennial Commission. Indianapolis, IN 1965. NOTE: Print copy in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure because other copy stolen, E506 .I394
Title page and Introduction; 1861; 1862; 1863; 1864; 1865.
City of Bloomington, Indiana, et al., v. CBS Corporation, f/k/a, VIACOM INC., f/k/a CBS Corporation, f/k/a Westinghouse Electric Corporation et al., agreed amendment to the Consent Decree Providing for Remedial Actions at Neal's Landfill Lemnon Lan Landfill, and Bennett's Dump and addressing general matters.
U.S. Department of the Army. December 2006. FM3-24; MCWP 3-33.5.

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Deinstitutionalization of Indiana State Mental Hospitals: A Staff Report. By Donald B. Beeler, Director of Planning, Division of Planning and Evaluation.
Indianapolis: Indiana Department of Mental Health. 1977.NOTE: Print copy in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure RC 445 .I6B4 1977.
Detroit Riot... A Profile of 500 Prisoners.
Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Labor. March 1968. Print shelves in ET2. Gov't Information. Stacks SuDocs: L 1.2:R 47.

Digest of State Courses of Study for Indiana High Schools. Indiana. Department of Public Instruction. Prepared under the direction of the Inspection Division. 1938.  Print copy in ALF: LB1629 .I5A2 1938.


Directory of U.S. Government Films.

Prepared and issued September 1938 by United States Film Service. Division of the National Emergency Council. Washington, D.C.

Drugs of Abuse.  U.S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Department of Justice. 1972.


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Economic Condition of the Jews in Russia. By I.M. Rubinow.
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bulletin 72. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O. 1907. L2.3:72 in ALF.

Ellettsville Standards and Regulations for the Subdivision of Land, Ellettsville, Indiana. Donald Best, SIECO, Inc. March 1966. Indiana Collection ET2:  HD 268 . E45B37 1966.


Ellettsville A Town Plan Ellettsville Indiana Prepared for the Ellettsville Town Plan Commission. 1967. Indiana Collection ET2:  HT 168 .E44S5 1967. 

Enrollment Cards of the Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-1914: Pamphlet describing M1186.
U.S. National Archives. 1982. GS4.20: 1186 Print of the pamphlet is available in ET2. Gov't Information. (Wells Library C264).
Note: IUB does not own the microfilm but this can be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan. The pamphlet is helpful in identifying which reels are needed.

Environmental Assessment for the Indiana University Alumni Association Lake Monroe Family Camp. 1977. Print copy in ET2 and ALF GV194 .I6 I39  Includes land use maps.

Ernie Pyle, War Correspondent. Indiana University Radio Department. Servants of the People.
CD-ROM Located in PN4874.P86 S46 1974 Wells Library ET2 Computer Files
Experiments on the action of toxic gases on Drosophila molanogastor
by C. Auerback, K. Y. Ansari and J.M. Robson. (from the Department of Animal Genetics and of Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh). 12/23/1943.

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Farm Security Adminstration (U.S.) Documents
Print in Alf or ET2. Gov't Information. Consult Staff.

Feeding Children in Group Care. Indiana State Defense Council.

             Print in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure: RJ 206 .F44 1944.


Field Guide and Recollections. The David Dale Owen Years to the Present: A sesquicentennial Commemoration of Service by the Geology Survey, State of Indiana, Department of Natural Resources. Special Report 44.

Print located in Geosciences Library and Wells Library (ET2--Indiana Collection). QE109 .A194 No. 44.
Fiery cross
Not yet complete. (Indianapolis, Ind. : Indiana State ed.) Published: Indianapolis, Ind. : Advertising Service of Ernest W. Reichard.
Publishing history: Began with July 20, 1922 issue. Ceased in Feb. 1925.
Ohio ed.: Fiery cross (Indianapolis, Ind. : Ohio State ed.), July 1923-May 1924; Klan kourier, May 1924-July 1924; Ohio kourier, July 1924-1925.
Continues: Fact
Continued by: Indiana kourier
Contributors: Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
Frequency: Weekly
Notes: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 1 (Dec. 8, 1922). Issued by the Ku Klux Klan.
Subject headings: White supremacy movements--United States--Newspapers. Race discrimination--United States--Newspapers.
Thanks to IUK for loaning the microfilm so this quick digital copy could be provided. (MICROFILM-- HS2330.K63 F5 Holdings: 1922-1925)
Final Report of the Indiana Work Projects Administration (in pdf.)
John K. Jennings, State Administrator. March, 1943.
From Microfilm from the U.S. National Archives.
See also: Guide to the WPA
Flood of 1913 in the Lower White River Region of Indiana.(in pdf.), by Hal P. Bybee A.M. and Clyde A. Malott, A.B. October 1914.
Indiana University Studies No. 11. GEO GB 1227 .W5 B9 Special Collections.
Foriegn Language: State Course of Study for Secondary Schools. (In pdf)

Indiana. Department of Public Instruction. Bulletin No. 65-B. 1923.
From original (uncataloged) in IUB ET2. Gov't Information. Collection.

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Gas Warfare in World War I. Cochrane, Rexmond Canning.
U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Office. Maryland: U.S. Army Chemical Corps Historical Office. 1959-1960.
Studies are in pdf format. Some print copies available from ALF. Request from
Gazetteer of Limestone Mills of Owen, Monroe, and Lawrence Counties to 1950. By Clay W. Stuckey.
June, 1989. [Note: Cannot locate author for copyright permission.] Shelves in Geography/Map Library HD9621 .U63I663 1989.
Good Food Habits for Children. U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Leaflet Number 42. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O. 1920. Digital copy in pdf format. Print original in ALF. A 1.35:42 Request from
Government Information Manual for the Motion Picture Industry. U.S. Office of War Information. Bureau of Motion Pictures.
[Washington, D.C.: Office of War Information. Manual is in pdf format. Print copy available from ALF. Request from

Governor's Special Committee on Welfare Property Tax Controls. Report.
October 28, 1993. [Indianapolis, IN] Digital copy in pdf format from best available copy. ET2. Gov't Information. Indina Collection. HV742 .I6I552 1993
Griffy Lake Nature Preserve Master Plan, Monroe County, Indiana. Summer 2008.

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Hasse, Adelaide R. The Compensations of Librarianship.
Privately Printed 1919. Z720 .H35 A3 1919a
History of the Academies of Indiana. John Hardin Thomas.
1914. Includes Indiana Magazine of History Vol. X December 1914, no. 4 as well as mimeographed introduction and table of contents.
Fragile. Shelves Secure in ET2. Gov't Information. LA 283 .T4

Homesteads. U.S. Farm Security Administration. 1938. Not owned at IUB.



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Index to Documentary Journals,
Documentary Journals: annual reports of the officers of State, etc. 1835-1901. Prior to 1835, reports were published in Senate and House Journals. See 23rd biennial report of the State Librarian, 1899/1900 p.293. IUB Wells Library, ET2. Gov't Information. Secure. J87 .I6q
Index to Indexes of Indiana State Publications. [1800-1940].
IUB Wells Library ET2. Gov't Information. Indiana Reference. Z1223.5 .I6I5 1900Z
Publication indicates no author, no publisher, no date. It is assumed it was released through the Indiana State Library. Digitized by Indiana University Libraries -- Bloomington, ET2. Gov't Information. [Note: Pencilled notes indicating location at Indiana University Bloomington have been included in this digital copy using current terminology . . . May 2000.]
Indiana 1930. Indiana. Board of Public Printing. Indianapolis, IN 1930.
Includes a review of the year but also historical sketches and facts about the state.

Indiana Budgets. Indiana Budget Department. Print copies shelve in ALF, request through IUCAT.










Indiana Centennial, 1916, by James Albert Woodburn. Edward J. Hecker Printer. Indianapolis.  1912.


The Indiana gross income tax passes in review, 1933-38 ... Indiana's nationally famous tax law now recognized as permanent and integral part of state tax system. Indiana. Dept. of Treasury.

Indianapolis, Allied printing trades union label council, 1938. East Tower 2 Secure: HJ4639 .I6 1938

Indiana Natural History Project (Life Sciences Library)

                     Includes works by Blatchley, Eigenmann, and Deam. Check IUCAT for specific titles.


Indian Names of Lakes, Rivers, Towns, Forts, etc. of Indiana.
Mostly prepared by the late Daniel Horgh. Copyright to his heirs. Indiana Geological Report 1882.
Map shelves in Secure in ET2. Gov't Information. Wells Library. QE 109.A2 1882/map
Black/white scan for easier printing:
Indiana Plan of Bi-Racial Cooperation: Outlines of a program of coordinated activity directed toward the placement of more Negro workers in industry -- along with a report of results to date.
Pamphlet No. 3. Indiana State Defense Council in cooperation with the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce. 1942.
Print copy in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure: E 185.93 .I4I53 1942.

Indiana Report of the State Inspector of Mineral Oils. For Print see ALF TP690.2 .I6I65 year.








     Report of the Coal Oil Inspector for 1886.



Indiana review, pictorial, political, historical; the story of the State of Indiana from its beginning and a general survey of progress to the present. Virgil M. Simmons, editorial chairman... Rolland E. Friedman, publication chairman and editor. Indianapolis, Ind. [Bookwalter-Ball-Greathouse printing co.] 1938.


The Indiana State Capitol building : a centennial restoration, 1888-1988.

            [Indianapolis] : Hoosier Celebration '88, [1988] Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection. NA4413.I53 I53 1988


Indiana's State House / Weintraut & Associates Historians, Incorporated.

            [Indianapolis, Ind.] : Indiana Historical Bureau, c2000.  Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection F534.I38 I53 2000


Indiana University Bloomington Master Plan for Development 1976-1986. LD2502.9 .A227 ALF


Indians: The California Tribes. U.S. Department of the Interior. Bureau of Indian Affairs. September 1967.
            I 20.51/2:C 12. Available in ALF at IUB.


Interagency Council and the "Brain Drain" in Developing Countries -- A Progress Report. 

            Prepared by the Staff of the Council on International Educational and Cultural Affairs.  Charles Frankel Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs, Chairman.  October 6, 1967. Print copy in ALF: S 1.2:B73



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Japanese in Hawaii: Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Immigration, U.S. Senate. 66th Congress, 2nd Session on S. 3206, a bill to amend paragraph of Section 3 of an Act of February 5, 1917, entitled "An Act to Regulate the Immigration of Aliens to and the residence of Aliens in the United States."
Washington D.C.: G.P.O. 1920.
Print not owned at IUB: Y4.Im6/2:J27
"Job Opportunities for Negroes" The Goal of Indiana's Bi-Racial Cooperation Plan.
Indiana State Defense Council in cooperation with The Indiana State Chamber of Commerce. 1943.
Print at IUB: ET2. Gov't Information. Secure. E185.93 .I4I53 1943.
Jurisdictional Guide to Lake Monroe. (in pdf.)
Presented by the Bloomington Environmental Quality and Conservation Commission to the people of Bloomington, Indiana. November 24, 1975.
Print copy shelves IUB Wells Library, ET2. Gov't Information. Indiana Reference. KF5590.M75 B65
[Note: Digitized by ET2. Gov't Information. Staff, December 2001.]

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Labor Conditions in Hawaii: Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on the Territories, House, 64th Congress, 1st Session on Labor Conditions in Hawaii, Statement of W. H. Hindle and Petition from United Chinese Society of Hawaii.
August 29, 1916. Washington, D.C.: G.P.O. 1916. Y4.T27/1:H31/19 (not owned at IUB).
Lake County Indiana in Maps by Daniel F. Dull. (in pdf.)
Occasional Publication No. 8 Department of Geography, Indiana University. 1971.
Geography and Map Library G1403 .L3D882 1971.

Lake Lemon survey, summer 1973. Bloomington, Ind., 1974. Research conducted by the Central Laboratory of the Bloomington Utilities Dept. Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection.  TD225.L55 B65. 


List of documents concerning the negotiation of ratified Indian treaties, 1801-1869. Comp. by John H. Martin. Special list (National Archives (U.S.)) ; no. 6. Washington D.C. National Archives. 1949.
GS 4.7:1-2,4-6 (Bound in: List of climatological records in the National archives./Darter, Lewis Jefferson, 1907- )
Wells Library ET2. Gov't Information. SuDocs Stacks.
[Note: Digitized by ET2. Gov't Information. August 2007.]


"Literary Map of Indiana," from A source guide to the English language arts for Indiana schools, produced by the State Language Arts Committee. Indiana. Department of Public Instruction. Indianapolis, In. 1958. LA283 .B83 no.220 - B-WELLS


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Medical Care Program for Farm Security Administration Borrowers. (Digest of a paper presented at a meeting of the American Public Health Association by Dr. E. C. Williams, Chief Medical Officer.  Not owned at IUB.


Monroe County Soil Survey 1928. See Soil Survey of Monroe County Indiana by T.M.Bushnell.


Municipal Code. Bloomington, Indiana of 1941. "Be it ordained by the Common Council of the city of Bloomington, Indiana, that the municipal code of Bloomington, Indiana of 1941 is hereby adopted as the official code of this city": caption on p. 2. [Bloomington, Ind.] s.n. [1941?]  Part 2.


MUSIC in the National Effort. U.S. War Department. Radio Branch, Bureau of Public Relations. From Original in ALF, W 107.2:M 97


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One hundred years of Indiana's resources. Indiana. Department of Conservation. Publication no. 11.  Conservation Commission.  1920.  Print copy in delicate condition...use this pdf.  HC107 .I6 no. 11 in ALF.

Outline on Cerebral Palsy including the functions of the nurse 1946 [v.p.] Indiana. Division of Services for Crippled Children.

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Planning with Farm Families on Low Income, by Lucile W. Reynolds, Chief of Home Management Unit, Rural Rehabilitation Division, Farm Security Administration.  U.S. Farm Security Administration.  1939.  Not owned by IUB.
Planting Forest Trees in Indiana by Ralph F. Wilcox, state Forester and T.E. Shaw, Extension Forester.
Indianapolis, IN:Department of Conservation, Division of Forestry. 1935.
ET2. Gov't Information. Secure: SD144 .I6W558 1935
Popular Names of U.S. Government Reports
Searchable Database and all editions in pdf. Library of Congress. Washington, D.C. 1984.
ET2. Gov't Information. : LC 6.2:G 74 1984

Preliminary data evaluation and pathway analyses report for Consent Decree PCB sites, Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana, Spencer, Owen County, Indiana / prepared by Indiana State Dept. of Health under a cooperative agreement with the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. [S.l.] : The Dept., [1994] Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection. TD1042.I62 B567 1994


Proposed North-South Toll Road: Summary Report. Indiana State Highway Commission. 1966.
From original: ET2. Gov't Information. HE336 .T64W5 1966.
Map (as tif)


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[Release on Indiana Highways.][W.P.A. - Indiana]. (in pdf.)
Indianapolis, March 18, [1940]. Paper copy in ALF.
Report of Investigation: Monroe Reservoir Salt Creek Near Harrodsburg, Indiana for Flood Control, Increasing Low Flow and Allied Purposes. Report No. 9.
Indianapolis: Flood Control and Water Resources Commission. December 1956. Print is available Wells Library, ET2 Indiana Collection. TC425.S35 M6 1956.
"Report of the Agent of the Indiana Colonization Society Showing the Operations of Said Agency During the Year 1853 In Answer to a Resolution of the Senate" J. P. Chapman, State Printer, Indianapolis: 1853
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society.
"Report of the Agent of the Colonization Society of the State of Indiana In Reply to a Resolution of the Senate." Austin H. Brown.
State Printer, Indianapolis: 1855
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society
Report of the Board of World's Fair Managers of Indiana. Indianapolis: Wm. B. Burford,. 1895.
Pages 1-21
Pages 22-35
Pages 36-60
Pages 61-80
Pages 81 to end

Report of the NIH Human Growth Hormone Protocol Review Committee. October 2, 1992.  In ALF RM291.2 .S6 N54 1992.  [Note: Released under the FOIA request from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) June 2, 2005.

"Report of Reverend John McKay, Colored Agent of the State Board of Colonization on Liberia." Austin H. Brown.
State Printer, Indianapolis: 1854.
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society
"Report of the Secretary of the State Board of Colonization of the State of Indiana to the Indiana General Assembly." Joseph J. Bingham
State Printer, Indianapolis: 1859.
For other reports on this topic see: Guide: Indiana Colonization Society

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Sketches of Indiana missionary women of the Presbyterian Church (in pdf.) Women's Synodical Society of Indiana. 1900.
[Note: pdf of photocopy from the Johnson County Public Library, Indiana. January 2005]
Soil Survey of Monroe County Indiana by T.M.Bushnell and Earl D. Fowler. (in pdf) and Part II. The management of Monroe County Soils by A. T. Wiancko and S.D. Conner.
U.S. Department of Agriculture. Washington, D.C.: GPO. 1928
Geosciences Library Special Collections: S599.I63 B863 1928

Southern Negro on the Farm: His problems and what the FSA is doing about them.  U.S. Farm Security Administration.  1940. Not owned at IUB.


Spastic Paralysis Project at James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children. Original draft before appearing in the Indianapolis Sunday Star, August 15, 1937. P-1871 10-18-37. Indiana Public Welfare Department. Original no longer owned at IUB.


Standard Farmstead Plans. U.S. Farm Security Administration. Office of the Chief Engineer District Three, Indianapolis, Indiana. Not Owned at IUB.


State of the sites tour / June 3, 1993 : Owen County [Ind.], Monroe County [Ind.]. [Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania : Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Bloomington Project, 1993.] Wells Library ET2 Indiana Collection: TD898.8.P64 S73 1993.


State Publications: A Provisional List of the Official Publications of the Several States of the United States from their Organization. (Indiana Portion only.) Bowker, Richard Robert. New York: Office of the Publishers' Weekly. 1908. IUB Wells Library, ET2. Gov't Information. Reference LC Z1223.5 .A1 B7

Street Lighting during Blackouts. U.S. Office of Civilian Defense. Washington, D.C.
Wells Library, ET2 Stacks SuDocs: PR 32.4406:B 56/6

Stylolites: Their Nature and Origin. By Paris B. Stockdale, Instructor in Geology, Ohio State University. Indiana University Studies No. 55. For print see ALF or Geosciences Library AS32 .C3 v.9,no.55. 

Suggestive Plans for a historical and educational celebration in Indiana in 1916, prepared under direction of the Indiana Centennial Celebration Committee.
Indianapolis, In: Burford Print. 1912.
IUB Wells Library, ET 2 Secure, F526 .A35

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200 years of U.S. census taking : population and housing questions, 1790-1990. Bohme, Frederick G.
Washington, D.C. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census: U.S. G.P.O., 1989. Includes samples of forms from the decennial censuses and bibliographical references. pdf copy only.
IUB Wells Library ET2. Gov't Information. Reference SuDocs and Stacks Sudocs: C 3.2: T 93
32d Division: Summary of Operations in the World War.
U.S. American Battle Monuments Commission. 1943.
Title Page, Preface, Table of Contents: Title page-9
Organization and Service From Arrival in the A.E.F. until July 26
Aisne-Marne Offensive: Aisne-Marne Offensive, July 27-August 6
Oise-Aisne Offensive: Oise-Aisne Offensive, August 18-September 6
Meuse-Argonne Offensive and Subsequent Service: Meuse-Argonne Offensive, September 26-November 11; Subsequent Service, November 12, 1918-May, 1919
Appendix: Infantry Division (Combat) Organization in Effect November 11, 1918
Teen Canteen: Indiana State Committee on the Care of Children in Wartime.
Indiana State Defense Council. 1944. Thurman A. Gottschalk, Chairman.
Print copy in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure: HQ796 .T385 1944.
Thoughts concerning the 60th Anniversary of Showers Brothers Company. Bloomington, Ind. Burlington, Iowa, Bloomfield, Ind. by Dale Dillon.
Bloomington, Indiana, 1928. Fragile. Shelves in ALF. HD9773 .U54S5
Tuskegee Report. Final Report of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study Ad Hoc Advisory Panel.
U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. Public Health Service. [Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office]. 1972.
IUB Wells Library, ET2. Gov't Information. Reference SuDocs HE 20.2:T 87
Report in .pdf. Scanned from original.

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Virginia Schools Before and After the Revolution with a sketch of Frederick William Coleman, M.A. and Lewis Minor Coleman, M.A.: An Address delivered before the society of the Alumni of the University of Virginia, June 27th, 1888 by W. Gordon, McCabe.
Petersburg, VA. Published by a Standing Order of the Society. Charlottsville, VA. 1890.
A Vision for Government Information: Technology Services and the National Information Infrastructure. Implementing the National Performance Review's Information Technology Recommendations.
Government Information Technology Services (GITS) Working Group of the Information Infrastructure Task Force Committee on Applications and Technology. September 1994.
IUB Wells Library, ET2 SuDocs PRVP 42.2:G 82/4x

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Works Progress Administration: WPA: The legacy of New Deal work programs in Indiana. Indianapolis: 1982.
Wells Library ET2 Secure F527 .G745 1982
Also at:

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Your Victory Garden Program-1945.
[Indiana. State Defense Council.] 1945.
Print copy in ET2. Gov't Information. Secure: SB321 .Y687 1944. Contents of this Kit:
1.Introduction by Marvin Jones
2.List of Suggested Appeals
3.The Facts About the Program
4.Quotable Quotes
5.Health and Contentment in Gardening (article)
6.Gardening After Victory (article)
7.Governor Cooper’s telegram to Governors
8.Suggested Window Displays
9.A practical Administrative Outlines
10.Radio Suggestions
11.Sample Radio Scripts
12.A Schoolteacher’s Letter
13.List of Available Motion Pictures
14.List of Available Slide Films
15.List of Available Publications
16.A Harvest Show Suggestion
17.Samples of Stories the newspapers Used
18.Suggested Local Success Stories
19.Suggested Kick-Off Story
20.10 Suggested Ads
21.Suggestion for a Weekly Column
22.Proof of Mat of Symbols, Available Free
23.Material Sent to Papers by Meyer Both
24.Materials Sent to Papers by Metro

Also known as Defense News Letter Official Bulletin of the Indiana Defense Council Bulletin No. 24. March 19, 1945.

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