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IU Bloomington Libraries Workshops: Sign up for Research @IUB Libraries


A series of three workshops offered at the beginning of the semester - designed to introduce library services and information resources that will make your research more efficient and successful. Everyone is welcome: new graduate students and new faculty will especially benefit from these workshops. Please visit to enroll!



Week 1: Information Landscapes: Experts, Specialists, and You

An introduction to information services and resources that new researchers in all disciplines should know about. This session will provide the "road map" for all your research endeavors.


Week 2: Information Organization: Core Resources

An overview of interdisciplinary and specialized resources. We'll focus on database searching vs. web searching and introduce the skills and concepts that a focused researcher needs to master. Learn about the logic that organizes all that information and how to get that information on your desktop!


Week 2 cont’d: Keeping It All Together: Citation Management

Learn about several options for keeping your research organized and creating footnotes and bibliographies painlessly.