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last updated: 4/20/2009

Instructional Services for Faculty and Instructors

Students in all disciplines can benefit from improved critical thinking, sharper research skills, and an extensive knowledge of information resources. These assets, which are part of the broader concept of information literacy, have become one of the most vital sets of skills for the twenty-first century.  You can help your students master these abilities and meet your course learning objectives by taking advantage of the services and teaching tools the Instructional Services team has developed. 

Library Instruction Sessions:
Library instruction sessions teach students to use library resources and hone their research techniques. Librarians tailor these sessions to your specific need in order to help students better integrate information into each assignment.

Types of Instruction
Choose from single or multiple course-specific sessions within the library or brief presentations within your classroom.

Instruction Policies: Use and scheduling information for the Instruction Clusters and requirements for library instruction sessions.

Request Instruction: Fill out our online form to request any type of library instruction, including one-time sessions, multiple course-integrated instruction, or brief classroom presentations.

Faculty/Instructor Services:
 - Assignment Consultation: Meet one-on-one to develop effective research-based assignments or take a look at our online example.
 - Class Web Pages: Collaborate with librarians to create customized web pages that support your students' research needs.
 - Collection Managers: A list of subject-focused librarians who can provide in-depth instruction for a particular discipline.
 - Oncourse Instructor Toolkit: Suggestions and tips for integrating library resources into Oncourse.

Instructional Support:
Utilize the following handouts, tutorials, and worksheets as a supplement to your own classroom instruction and assignments.
 - Handouts/Guides: Covers basic library topics on everything from Evaluating Information to Citing Sources.
 - Tutorials: Interactive modules with self-test options on defining and focusing a topic, selecting information sources and writing and citing.

Additional Student Help:
 - Drop-in Workshops: One-hour workshops for student researchers.
 - Assignment Consultation Assistance:  The Instructional Services staff can help develop a library research assignment, suggest ideas/improvements for an existing assignment and provide feedback once an assignment has been given. For more information, contact
855-9857 or

 - Reference Services: Reference staff are familiar with student assignments and needed information sources. Ask a librarian anytime!


last updated: 4/20/2009