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last updated: 7/15/2013

Supporters Spotlight

The Slocum Mechanical Puzzle Collection

Puzzle enthusiast and author Jerry Slocum announced his intention to donate his prized collection of more than 30,000 puzzles and nearly 4,000 puzzle-related books to the Lilly Library. About 400 puzzles at a time will be displayed in the refurbished exhibition space named in Slocum's honor.
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The Malawi Collection

A passion to study Africa compelled Amanda Lewis Knighton to IU, and her work with a recent donation has given her firsthand experience in cataloging a collection that ranges from books and manuscripts to T-shirts and commemorative plates.
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Lee Hamilton

A Legacy of Honor

I don't think I came to Washington with the idea that I was going to change the world. I came to Washington because I thought I could make a positive contribution, not in huge but in small ways, and I think what's driven me was to try to make life better for Hoosiers, for my constituents. You have to, in the final analysis, hold on to something, and in my case it's been what helps ordinary people. – Lee Hamilton

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Wylie Family Letters: Morton Bradley makes the gift of a lifetime

In addition to his gift of family letters, passed from generation to generation in the Wylie family, Morton Bradley left his estate to IU.  His gift will be used to ensure the legacy of the Wylie family continues and that their story will be told for generations to come.
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From student to producer, Uslan has a passion for comics

Michael Uslan, whose childhood passion for comic books not only spawned a course at IU but also a lifelong career in the entertainment industry, got where he is today by shaking things up. Like Samson bringing down the pillars of the temple, he says.
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Birch Bayh's papers document a generation

When Indiana's Senator Birch Bayh left office, he gave his papers to the IUB Libraries.  I had some difficulty understanding if anyone would be interested in the darn things, he says.  But in these documents researchers find insights into the issues of an era—from the Vietnam War to Title IX.
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Frank and Lee Ann Hoffmann: An Inspired Gift

Frank Hoffmann was just 10 years old when the seed was planted. From that seed grew his love for IU and, ultimately, his gift to IU of the massive media collection he carefully assembled over the course of his life.
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last updated: 7/15/2013