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last updated: 4/23/2012

General Fund Policy

The primary purpose of the general fund is to provide a vehicle for the last-resort acquisition of non-networked library materials, regardless of format, which are broader in scope than existing subject, area, newspaper, and library tools funds. Individual monographs and electronic products must cost more than $150 to be eligible for consideration. Requests for materials should include an explanation of why it is not feasible to collaborate with other bibliographers to acquire the title(s) being proposed.

The kinds of materials to be acquired on the general fund are:

  • Interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary materials in the sciences, social sciences and/or humanities.
  • Learned society publications that are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary.
  • Materials of particular relevance for the biliography of andpublishing in nations which are not the major foci of collectiondevelopment at IU.
  • Periodicals of general and/or popular coverage that are of importance to a general readership.

In addition, the general fund may be used to purchase cataloging for unanalyzed major microform sets, in order to provide access to these materials. Requests for this kind of support should include information on the cost of the cataloging, either ready-made or from OCLC or another agency.

As is the case for other library materials funds, items purchased on the general fund should:

  • Support research at IU
  • Support the curriculum
  • Be frequently used, in the case of general or popular interest periodicals.

The general fund is managed by the Collection Development Committee. The Chair of the CDC will receive requests for purchase on behalf of the committee, and present requests for discussion at CDC meetings.

The general fund will be treated like all subject and area funds by the Collection Development Committee for purposes of budget allocation. The Collection Development Committee will prepare an annual budget request for the general fund. Periodically, but no less than once every five years, the CDC will review subscriptions on the general fund (last done in 1995-96) and evaluate the role of the general fund in relationship to IU collection development priorities.

Revised April 1997

last updated: 4/23/2012