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Guide: Journal Officiel - Administrative Documents

In French Official Publications, Gloria Westfall notes that "materials published in the series Documents administratifs includes such varying items as the annual reports of ministries, commissions, and committees; quarterly vital statistics; reports of investigations; guides to nomenclature; and technical studies."

Holdings in IUB Libraries

Date Section Title Format Location
1919-1920, 1923-1935, 1938, 1957 Documents administratifs Print [Uncatalogued]
1963 Documents administratifs Microfilm For Holdings, See IUCAT Link
1964 - 1974 Documents administratifs Print For Holdings, See IUCAT Link
1975-current Documents administratifs Microfilm For Holdings, See IUCAT Link


Finding your way through the Documents administratifs.

No formal indexes are published for the Documents administratifs. For futher information on how to access the material found within this section fo the Journal Officiel, refer to French Official Publications by Gloria Westfall.

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