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Guide: Journal Officiel - Laws & Decrees

Before any law or decree passed by parliament is binding upon the French public, it must be published in the Journal Officiel. The Lois et decrets section, published daily, will contain the full text of the law or decree, its number and date, a summary of its contents, signatures of concerned parties, and citations to related documents. These documents include bills, reports, and debates.


Holdings in IUB Libraries

Date Section Title Format Location
1881-June 1917 Lois et decrets Microfilm For Holdings, See IUCAT Link
July 1917-May 1940 Lois et decrets Microfilm [Uncatalogued]
Jan. 1941-Aug. 1944 Etat francais: Vichy Microfilm
1943 Republique francaise: Londres
Haut Commissariat de France en Afrique-Alger
Republique francaise: Alger
Microfilm [Uncatalogued]
1944 Republique francais: Alger-Paris Microfilm
March 1946-Dec. 1963 Lois et decrets Microfilm For Holdings, See IUCAT Link [1945-1960]For Holdings, See IUCAT Link [1961-1963]
Jan.-Dec. 1964; Nov. 1974 Lois et decrets Print For Holdings, See IUCAT Link

Indexes to Lois et Decrets

Date Index Title Format Location
1881-1960 Journal officiel: Table Microfilm [Uncatalogued]
1961-1963 Journal officiel: Table Microfilm For Holdings, See IUCAT Link
1964-1974 Journal officiel: Table Print For Holdings, See IUCAT Link

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last updated: 7/9/2013