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last updated: 2/19/2013

Reserves in Print (Chemistry Library)

Reserve books and materials are kept on the shelves behind the Circulation Desk. Materials on reserve are marked with a red dot near the call number to separate them from the circulating books. There are materials on reserve for chemistry courses (these will vary from semester to semester) and there are books kept on reserve for reference that stay permanently on reserve.   

The red reserves notebook kept on the circulation desk lists all course reserves for the current semester.  IUCAT will also lists all of the items on reserve in the Chemistry Library or as well as the other libraries on campus. 

  • Reserve items are normally to be used only in the library or adjacent areas such as C005 or C046.
    The circulation period for reserves is two (2) hours and the overdue charge is $1.20/hour.
  • Reserve items must be renewed in person and not by phone or e-mail.  Reserve items may not be kept overnight.
  • You must show a valid picture ID to take any reserve item from the circulation desk.

You can access electronic reserve materials by going to ereserves.

last updated: 2/19/2013