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last updated: 4/20/2012

Cooperative Consortial Agreements

  1. Committee on Institutional Cooperation (the academic consortium of twelve major teaching and research universities in the Midwest. Its programs and activities extend to all aspects of university activity except intercollegiate athletics.)

  2. Center for Research Libraries (an international not-for-profit consortium of colleges, universities and libraries that makes available scholarly research resources to users everywhere. CRL is governed by the major research libraries of North America and is funded by fees, grants and contributions.)

  3. Digital Library Federation (a consortium of libraries and related agencies that are pioneering in the use of electronic-information technologies to extend their collections and services.):

  4. INCOLSA (Indiana's statewide library network):

  5. SPARC;an alliance of universities, research libraries, and organizations built as a constructive response to market dysfunctions in the scholarly communication system. SPARC's agenda focuses on enhancing broad and cost-effective access to peer-reviewed scholarship:

  6. LOCKSS (The LOCKSS model, "Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe," creates low-cost, persistent digital "caches" of authoritative versions of http-delivered content. The LOCKSS software enables institutions to locally collect, store, preserve and archive authorized content, thus safeguarding their community's access to that content.

  7. Global Resources Network:

  8. Subject-specific agreements and partnerships:
    See individual collection development policies for subject-specific agreements and partnerships.

last updated: 4/20/2012