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Theses and Dissertations (Public Health Library)

HPER Theses and Dissertations

Abdelwahab, Farouk Elsayed PhD (KIN) 1978/11 The Effects of Active and Passive Heat Acclimatization Procedures on the Cardiovascular, Thermoregulatory and Sweat Rate Responses to Work in the Heat in Male Humans
Abdou, Kamal Saleh PED (KIN) 1961/06 Sports and Games in Ancient Egypt
Abo Abdo, Hassan ElSayed PhD (KIN) 1981/04 Kinematic and Kenetic Analysis of the Soccer Instep Kick
Absher, Ruby Roten HSD (AHS) 1978/12 The History of the Indiana State Board of Health from 1922 to 1954
Adams, David Lee HSD (AHS) 1975/01 A Study of Health Instructional Programs in the Public Secondary Schools in Tennessee
Adams, James Virgil HSD (AHS) 1976/05 An Instrument for Evaluating Competencies of Safety Management Interns
Adams, James W. Dir (KIN) 1974/08 A Handbook for the Administration of the Physical Education Program at Talladega College
Adams, Kela Osbourn PED (KIN) 1970/01 The Effects of Adapted Physical Education Upon the Social Adjustment and Motor Efficiency of Educable Mentally Retarded Girls
Adcock, Anthony Green HSD (AHS) 1971/08 An Instrument for the Evaluation of the Healthful School Environment in Elementary Schools
Adeyanju, Kunle PED (KIN) 1982/11 Reaction Time Components Under Resisted and Unresisted Conditions as a Function of Gains in Strength
Adkins, Bernice L. PED (KIN) 1967/06 The Development of Negro Female Olympic Talent
Adkins, Karl Dale ReD (REC) 1987/12 The Meaning of Church Recreation Programs as Perceived by Families
Ahua, Emmanuel HSD (AHS) 1995/03 Self-Efficacy of Condom Use among African American College Students in Selected Indiana Colleges
Ainley, Kenneth Irving HSD (AHS) 1972/08 An Instrument for Self-Appraisal of Health and Safety Practices in Private Recreational Vehicle Parks and Campgrounds
Akin, Ronald K. ReD (REC) 1970/08 The Development of an Equation to Determine the Proportion of State Motor Fuel Taxes Contributed by Recreational Boaters
Akponwei, Patrick S. HSD (AHS) 1973/05 Citizen Participation in the Health Care Delivery Aspects of the Indianapolis Model Cities Program
Alexander, Rex E. PED (KIN) 1972/08 Differences in Factor Patterns in Tests of Physical Fitness, Motor Ability, and Skill of Men and Women Physical Education Majors
Al-Haroun, Mesaed Rashed PhD (KIN) 1980/02 Three Dimensional Cinematographic Analysis of Selected Full Twisting Movements in Gymnastics
Allam, Mohamed Abdel-Khalik HSD (AHS) 1955/06 A Recommended Health Education Program for the Preparatory Schools in Egypt
Allen, David Wayne PED (KIN) 1983/06 Volleyball Skill Guide and Diagnostic Instrument for Coaches and Players
Allen, James Howard PED (KIN) 1956/02 Influence of Order Upon the MacCurdy Force Index
Anderson, James Lee PED (KIN) 1978/08 A Comparison of the Effects of Physical Education Classes in Boxing and Gymnastics on the Self Concepts of College Freshmen
Angermeier-Howard, Lisa K. PhD (AHS) 2000/07 Parental Perceptions of the Health Education Needs of Their Adolescent Children with Disabilities
Angulo-Kinzler, Rosa M. PhD (KIN) 1997/09 Exploration and Control of Leg Movements In Infants
Annarino, Anthony Arthur PED (KIN) 1962/01 A Comparison of the Relative Effectiveness of Two Methods of Soccer Instruction
Anspaugh, David J. PED (KIN) 1971/04 Leader Characteristics of Basketball Players as Perceived by Team Members, and as Measured by Selected Evaluative Instruments
Apache, R. R. Goyakla PhD (KIN) 2001/08 The Validation of a Lower Extremity Reaction Time Task as a Way of Monitoring Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity and Its Inclusion as a Clinical Outcome Measure
Applegate, Trent E. HSD (AHS) 2003/06 Coordinated School Health Programs (CSHP) for Promoting Health among College Students
Ardelt, Margaret E. M.S. (KIN) 1993/01 Blood Magnesium, Aerobic Capacity, and Indices of Training Intensity, Frequency, and Duration
Ardelt, Margaret E. PhD (KIN) 1997/03 Ventilatory Responsiveness to Acetazolamide during Normoxic and Hypoxic Rest & Exercise
Ardovino, Patricia S. PhD (REC) 1999/12 The Meaning of Leisure Experience in the Lives of Adult Male Offenders and Former Offenders with Mental Retardation
Arndt, Susan Kay HSD (AHS) 1988/08 Adolescent Alcohol Consumption and a Changing Legal Drinking Age
Arnold, Donald E. PED (KIN) 1971/02 Legal Basis of Physical Education in Selected States
Arnold, Donald John ReD (REC) 1970/06 Attitudes of Public School and Municipal Recreation Authorities in Southwestern Ontario Toward Policies for the Joint Acquisition, Development, and Utilization of School Facilities for School and Recreational Use
Arnold, Elisabeth Luise PED (KIN) 1965/06 The Relationship Between Physical and Mental Practice and Initial  Ability in Learning a Simple Motor Skill
Arnold, Nellie W. ReD (REC) 1972/09 An Interrelated Arts Approach to Awareness of Selected Composition Components in Art, Music, and Dance
Arnold, Serena E. ReD (REC) 1955/01 Desirable Practices for the Administration of Consolidated Municipal Park and Recreation Departments
Atkins, James M.S. (KIN) 1979/12 The Variability of Nuclear Number along the Length of Three Hindlimb Muscles of the Sprague-Dawley Rat
Atkins, James PhD (KIN) 1982/07 Changes in the Nuclear Population During Post-Natal Growth of the Soleus Muscle in the Gerbil (Meriones Unguiculatus)
Aukers, Steven M. M.S. (REC) 1997/05 The Development of an Empirically Grounded Set of Salient Ski Resort Attributes
Aukers, Steven M. PhD (REC) 1999/07 The Development of a Decision Process Map: Application to the Snow Ski Market
Avent, Henrietta Hempstead PED (KIN) 1963/01 Tests of Static and Dynamic Strength for Girls Nine Through Twelve Years Old
Avlonitou, Eleni PhD (KIN) 1988/08 The Effects of Atropine and Pyridostigmine on Temperature Regulation and Exercise Tolerance in Heat-Stressed Patas Monkeys
Awoniyi, Stephen PhD (REC) 1998/12 The Nature of Artifact Care and Impediments to Artifact Care in Museums
Babington, Cynthia A. PED (KIN) 1996/05 Traditional & Non-Traditional Predictors of Academic Success of Freshmen Student Athletes at Indiana University
Babington, J. Patrick PhD (KIN) 1998/12 Maturational Pace and Athletic Potential
Badr, Laila Hassan HSD (AHS) 1978/12 An Instrument to Determine the Health Needs of Elementary School Children in Egypt as Perceived by Administrators, Health and Science Teachers and Health Visitors
Baer, Charles Edward M.S. (REC) 1947/01 Union Workers' Opinion of Indutrial Recreation
Bagonzi, John Albert PED (KIN) 1978/12 The Effects of Graded Weighted Baseballs, Free Weight Training, and Simulative Isometric Exercise on the Velocity and Accuracy of a Thrown Baseball
Bahamonde, Rafael Enrique PhD (KIN) 1994/06 Biomechanical Analysis of the Serving Arm During the Performance of Flat and Slice Tennis Serves.
Bailey, Donald A. PED (KIN) 1959/08 Effect of Foreperiod Variation Upon Expectancy as Measured by Simple Reaction Time
Bailey, Mark L. PhD (KIN) 1988/09 Caffeine: Effects on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Short Term Muscular Endurance in Static Exercise of Muscle Groups of Varying Mass
Bair, Susanne P. PED (KIN) 1991/04 The History of Development of Girls' High School Sport in the State of Indiana
Baker, Willis Ramsey HSD (AHS) 1972/08 The Status of School Health Service Programs in the Public Senior High Schools of Indiana
Bakker, Debra L. HSD (AHS) 1995/06 Religious Practices and High-Risk Behaviors of College Student Athletes and NonAthletes
Baptista, Robert Charles PED (KIN) 1962/06 A History of Intercollegiate Soccer in the United States of America
Barcelona, Robert J. PhD (REC) 2001/07 An Analysis of the Perceived Competencies of Recreational Sport Managers: Toward a Competency-Based Model for Academic and Professional Development
Barker, Susan Lynn ReD (REC) 1992/06 The Meaning of a Youth Gardening Program: A Naturalistic Inquiry
Barlow, David Alan PhD (KIN) 1973/08 Kinematic and Kinetic Factors Involved in Pole Vaulting
Barnes, Alfred Davis, Jr. HSD (AHS) 1962/06 Characteristics of Personality and Attitude Relationships of Selected Male Traffic Violators and Non-Violators
Barnes, Martha L. M.S. (REC) 1999/05 Using Hypothesized Measures of Institutional Readiness to Predict Success in Receiving Foundation Grants among Park and Recreation Agencies
Barney, Vermon S. PED (KIN) 1963/05 The Effects of Variations of Dynamic Exercise on Muscle Development
Barrie, Elizabeth R. M.S. (REC) 1997/06 The Relationship between Teacher Environmental Sensitivity and Classroom Response to Environmental Interpretation Programs
Barrie, Elizabeth R. PhD (REC) 2001/09 Meaningful Interpretive Experiences from the Participants Perspective
Barrow, Harold Marion PED (KIN) 1953/06 A Test of Motor Ability for College Men
Bates, Barry Thomas PhD (KIN) 1973/08 The Development of a Computer Program with Application to a Film Analysis:  The Mechanics of Female Runners
Battas, Kelly A. M.S. (AHS) 1992/08 The Effect of Birth Order on the Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors of College Students with Self-Monitoring as a Covariate.
Baugh, Robert Joe HSD (AHS) 1970/06 The Health Education of Health and Physical Education Graduates of Austin Peay University with Implications for Curricular Changes
Baughman, William Henry, Jr. HSD (AHS) 1975/08 A Knowledge Test for Emergency Medical Technicians
Baum, Robert Allen HSD (AHS) 1972/09 A Health Practice Inventory to Identify the Health Education Needs of Unmarried Undergraduate College Students
Bayer, Emily Cole PhD (KIN) 1999/07 The Compilation of Items and Calibration for a Survey of Infant Motor Behavior
Beaver, Lyle Burdette ReD (REC) 1963/08 Evaluation of Selected Administrative Practices for Cooperative Relationships Between University and Public Recreation Departments
Becker, Theodore Jay PhD (KIN) 1984/06 Kinetic and Kinematic Parameters of Landing Impact Forces in the Dance Jump and Leap
Bedi, John Francis PhD (KIN) 1975/05 Angular Momentum in the Long Jump
Bedingfield, Wendy Andrews PhD (KIN) 1978/08 Kinematic and Descriptive Comparison of Ski Jumping Techniques
Beehler, Pamela Jo Hoyes PhD (KIN) 1986/04 Stimulus Intensity and Experimental Design Effects upon Motor Response Processing
Beekley, Matthew D. PhD (KIN) 2000/10 Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition Has No Effect on Hindlimb Muscle Performance in Situ
Beeler, Cheryl Suzanne ReD (REC) 1980/07 Effects of Three Comprehensive Employment and Training Act Programs on Selected Functions of Municipal Parks and/or Recreation Departments
Behbehanian, Gholam Reza HSD (AHS) 1964/06 Role of Local Health Officers in Schools Not Having a School Physician
Behnke, Richard Carl PED (KIN) 1970/07 The Effect of Task Complexity on Reaction Time, Movement Time, and Accuracy
Behnke, Robert Samuel HSD (AHS) 1974/08 A Program-Appraisal Checklist for the Health and Safety Aspects of Secondary School Interscholastic Athletics
Behr, Mary Theresa HSD (AHS) 1975/10 Tests to Assess the Oral and Dental Knowledge of Community College and Four-Year College Students
Belisle, James Joseph PED (KIN) 1960/08 Accuracy, Reliability, and Refractoriness in a Coincidence-Anticipation Task
Belisle, Katie Marie ReD (REC) 1994/12 Examining Alteration in the Social Belief Paradigm of Six Participants in the Grassroots Bioregional Movement
Belknap, Larry Keith ReD (REC) 1978/07 Impact of the Indiana University Executive Development Program for Park and Recreation Administrators on Selected Program Graduates
Bell, John Anthony ReD (REC) 1966/06 A study of the relationship between recreation interest and participation and intelligence, scholastic achievement, vocational interest, and socio-economic status of Negro students enrolled in the secondary public schools of Eastern Tennessee
Bender, Stephen Joseph HSD (AHS) 1970/01 The Human Reproduction Knowledge of Prospective Elementary Teachers
Benham, Tami Beth PED (KIN) 1989/10 The Effectiveness of the AAU Developmental Physical Fitness Curricular Module in Promoting Physical Fitness, Fitness Knowledge and Attitudes toward Physical Activity in Fifth and Seventh Grade Children
Bennett, Colleen L. PED (KIN) 1956/02 The Relative Contribution of Modern Dance, Folk Dance, Basketball, and Swimming to Selected and General Motor Abilities of College Women
Bentley, Andrew Garth M.S. (REC) 2003/12 Motives for Participation in College Based Outdoor Adventure Programs
Bergman, Rita E. HSD (AHS) 1956/08 The Contribution of the Helicopter to Mass Transportation
Bergsrud, Owen Burnell PED (KIN) 1967/06 The Effect of Varying the Probability of Occurence of Intervals Upon Simple Reaction Time
Billings, Edward Shad PED (KIN) 1969/05 Analysis of Attitudes of Athletes and Non-Athletes Toward Integrated Athletic Competition
Binkley, Anne Lloyd ReD (REC) 1980/01 Assessment of Education Needs of Personnel Who Provide Services to Indiana Aged
Bishop, Roger Martin PED (KIN) 1963/06 The Origin and Development of Adpated Physical Education in the United States
Bissell, Franklin Gene PED (KIN) 1973/05 The Effects of No Warm-Up, Skill Warm-Up and Calisthenic Warm-Up On Selected Football Skills, Agility, and Speed
Black, William Darrel PED (KIN) 1953/06 A Critical Analysis of the Status of the Health and Physical Education Program for Boys in Selected Illinois High Schools
Blackman, Rodney J. ReD (REC) 2002/04 Ethics and the Historical Development of Comparative Fault Tort Reform as Applied in Reported Sports and Recreation Cases
Blair, Stephen Noel PED (KIN) 1968/01 The Effect of Critical and Non-Critical Stimuli and Simple and Complex Movements Upon Reaction Time and Movement Time
Bland, Hester Beth HSD (AHS) 1956/06 An Analysis of the Activities of Indiana School Nurses Employed by Boards of Education
Blanton, Mary Dale ReD (REC) 1981/08 An Analysis of the Recreational Interests and Participation Patterns of Students at Bowling Green State University
Bleick, Frances A. PED (KIN) 1959/03 In-Service Education Programs for Teachers in the Area of Elementary School Physical Education
Bloecher, Mary Louetta PED (KIN) 1977/08 Suggested Guildelines for A Physical Education Student Teachers' Handbook
Blomme, Jennifer B. M.S. (KIN) 2002/05 Cognitive Strategies Used by Swimmers during Training and Competition
Bloomer, Lorilynn M.S. (KIN) 2002/05 Movement of the Heel with respect to the Shoe during Running
Bogle, Phillip G. PhD (KIN) 2001/08 Hemodynamic Determinants of Post Exercise Hypotension: an Ambulatory Study
Bonsett, Glen L. PED (KIN) 1957/02 An Evaluation of the Health and Physical Education Programs for Boys in Selected Indiana Public High Schools
Bonvechio, Louis Richard HSD (AHS) 1960/08 Recommended Responsibilities for School Physicians
Bookwalter, Carolyn EdD 1940/06 A Study of the Relationship Between Stability and Physical Ability of Elementary School Children
Boring, Warren Jay HSD (AHS) 1956/08 A Health Knowledge Test for Teachers of the Elementary Grades
Botha, Marika G. PED (KIN) 1982/04 The Influence of the Home Environment on the Motor Performance of Preschool Children
Bothwell-Myers, Constance Marie PhD (KIN) 1982/12 Kinematic Characteristics of the Curling Delivery
Boukari, Isbatou M.S. (AHS) 1997/08 Mineral Analysis of Selected Western African Food with Reference To Nutritional Status
Bourgeois, Arthur PED (KIN) 1980/07 Metabolic and Kinetic Energy Expenditure in Running on a Non-Graded Treadmill at Various Speeds
Bowen, Keith Edward PED (KIN) 1952/08 A History of Intercollegiate Wrestling in the United States of America
Bowen, Robert Orville HSD (AHS) 1971/06 The Effect of Informal Dissemination of Health Information about the Common Cold
Bowers, Harold Nelson HSD (AHS) 1972/08 Health Programs of Member Institutions of the Council for the Advancement of Small Colleges
Bowlus, Warren Coleman PED (KIN) 1972/08 An Analysis of the Vocational Status of Indiana University Varsity Athletic Letterwinners and Non-Letterwinners Graduating between June, 1946 and June, 1965.
Box, Colin Edward HSD (AHS) 1970/08 Drug Education in Ontario, Canada Secondary Public Schools
Boyd, Scott PED (KIN) 1955/06 A Survey of Safety Practices in the Physical Education Program for Boys of Secondary Schools in North Carolina
Bradley, William B. PED (KIN) 1959/08 Standardization of a Baseball Knowledge Test for College Men Majoring in Physical Education
Brattain, William Edwin ReD (REC) 1967/06 An Analysis of the Leisure Time Activities of Manchester College Students
Brawn, Christopher Alan PED (KIN) 1970/08 An Instrument for Evaluating the Intramural Sports Programs for Men at Degree-Granting Institutions in Canada
Brechue, William F. PhD (KIN) 1987/12 Cardiovascular and Thermoregulatory Impariment during Submaximal Exercise with Acetazolamide
Bredle, Donald Louis PhD (KIN) 1986/12 Phosphate Loading, Oxygen Uptake, and Exercise Performance in Humans
Brennan, William Thomas HSD (AHS) 1970/06 A Guideline Policy Inventory Guide for Ambulance Services in Indiana
Bridges, A. Frank HSD (AHS) 1952/06 A Valid Health Knowledge Test for College Freshmen
Bridges, Jennifer M.S. (KIN) 1982/12 Mechanical Similarities and Differences of Five Types of Windmill Softball Pitches
Briggs, Douglas William PhD (KIN) 1976/03 Impulse Characteristics and Their Effect on Vertical Center of Gravitational Displacement During Execution of the Men's Three Thousand Meter Steeplechase Water Jump
Brigham, Robert Joseph PED (KIN) 1963/06 The Relative Effectiveness of Three Methods of Muscle Contractions in Developing Muscular Strenth and Endurance of the Triceps Muscle
Brightwell, David Shelby PED (KIN) 1964/06 The Effect of Coeducational and Segregated Classes on Tennis Achievement
Brigl, Clemens ReD (REC) 1970/04 Analysis of Leisure Interests and Desires of Indiana University Married Students
Bristor, James Lloyd ReD (REC) 1971/01 An Analysis of the Attitudes of Resident Camp Administrators Regarding Critical Problems in Resident Camping
Broadbear, Barbara C. PhD (AHS) 2000/12 Evaluation of the Second Step Curriculum for Conflict Resolution Skills in Preschool Children from Diverse Parent Households
Broadbear, James Thomas PhD (AHS) 1998/05 Violent Crime Victimization: Sociodemographic and Contextual Factors among Adolescents and Young Adults
Brock, Barbara J. ReD (REC) 1987/05 Effect of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Physically Disabled Adults
Brookhiser, Judy K. ReD (REC) 1989/01 Research and Development of a System to Track Behaviors of Individuals with Autism or Other Severe Handicaps and Interfering Behaviors
Brown, Dulcie Patricia PED (KIN) 1969/12 The Effect of Augmenting Instruction with an Improvised Teaching Aid for College Women in Learning Selected Badminton Skills
Brown, Gordon D. PhD (KIN) 1992/05 A Comparison of Skeletal Muscle Responsiveness to Exercise in Male and Female Sprague-Dawley Rats Treated with an Anabolic Steroid
Brown, Howard Steven PED (KIN) 1952/02 A Comparative Study of Motor Fitness Tests
Brown, James B. PhD (KIN) 2003/08 Peripheral Neuropathy and Skeletal Muscle Dysfunction Associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Brown, Jennifer E. M.S. (KIN) 1987/07 A Survey of Breast Feeding Patterns and Infant Response to Milk among Lactating Women Who Exercise Regularly
Brown, Jordan T. M.S. (REC) 1994/12 An Examination of Shipwreck Diver Motivations
Brown, Paul Timothy PED (KIN) 1971/06 Effects of Three Intensity Levels of Warm-Up on the Reaction Time and Speed of Movement in the Baseball Swing
Bruce, Patricia Jane PED (KIN) 1961/08 The Effects of Conscious Relaxation and a Flotation Device on Learning Beginning Swimming Skills
Brunnemer, James L. PED (KIN) 1980/08 Characterstics and Attributes of Highly Successful Intercollegiate Football and Basketball Coaches
Buchanan, Donald Ward ReD (REC) 1970/06 Measurement of Class A Boat Operator's Knowledge of Minnesota Boat and Water Safety Laws
Buchanan, Patricia A. PhD (KIN) 2003/08 Developmental Perspectives on Basketball Players' Strength, Knee Position in Landing, and ACL Injury Gender Differences
Buckner, William Pat, Jr. HSD (AHS) 1969/06 The Prevalence of Sex Misconceptions among Freshmen Students Enrolled in State Supported Predominantly Negro Colleges in Louisiana
Buczek, Frank L., Jr. M.S. (KIN) 1985/10 Calculation of Distortion Parameters for Specific Normal and Zoom Cine Lenses
Bull, Thomas Wilbur PED (KIN) 1985/07 An Assessment of the Roles of Vision and Kinesthesis While Learning a Discrete Ballistic Motor Skill
Bunch, Richard Addison ReD (REC) 1970/12 An Evaluation of Selected Internship Programs Sponsored by the National Recreation and Park Association
Burelle, Jacques PED (KIN) 1975/05 Qualifications of Athletic Directors of Member Institutions of the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union
Burke, Jeanmarie PhD (KIN) 1991/09 Changes in Spinal Excitability Preceding a Voluntary Movement in Young and Old Adults
Bush, Herman Spencer HSD (AHS) 1969/08 A Health Analogies Pre-Test for a Basic College Health Course
Bustan, Mahmoud Abdul Husain HSD (AHS) 1979/06 Factors Affecting and Influencing Relationships between Doctors and Patients in the State of Kuwait
Butler, Dona Jeannine PED (KIN) 1972/08 A Follow-Up Study of the Recipients of the Degree, Doctor of Physical Education, Indiana University, 1948-1971
Calhoun, Robert Allan PED (KIN) 1956/01 A Comparison of Achievement of Program Objectives of Selected Rated High School Physical Education Programs in Indiana
Campbell, Barry Duncan HSD (AHS) 1973/07 Recommendations for the Improvement of Basic Health Instruction in Michigan Community Colleges
Campbell, Judith May PED (KIN) 1978/05 Selected Factors and Practices in the Competitive Basketball Programs for High School Girls in Indiana, 1975-1976
Cappiello, Lawrence A. HSD (AHS) 1956/06 Code Symbols Used to Record Data on School Health Records
Carel, William Henry III ReD (REC) 1975/08 An Analysis of Leisure Attitudes of Selected Indiana University Personnel
Carey, Robert Allen PED (KIN) 1954/02 A Comparison of the Lincoln Revision of the Oseretsky Tests of Motor Proficiency with Selected Motor Ability Tests on Boys at the Elementary Level
Carlson, Ronald Paul PED (KIN) 1971/10 Utilization of Newer Instructional Media by Professional Physical Education Faculty in Teaching Undergraduate Majors at Big Ten Universities
Carr, Marion Turley HSD (AHS) 1963/06 An Instrument for Use in Evaluating the Basic Concentrated College Health Course
Carr, Martha G. EdD 1944/04 The Relationship Between Success in Physical Education and Selected Attitudes Expressed by High School Freshman Girls
Carr, Richard E. M.S. (AHS) 1951/08 The Need for and Development of a Special Protective Device for the Shins of College Football Players
Carson, Raymond Fritziof, Jr. Dir (KIN) 1969/09 A Critical Analysis of Escape and Reversal Techniques Employed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Championship Wrestling Matches from 1952 to 1955 and from 1956 to 1969
Carter, John Mark ReD (REC) 1977/08 The Outdoor Recreation Education Programs in the Six State Universities of Kentucky
Carter, Marcia Jean ReD (REC) 1976/05 Modification of the Behavior of Mental Retardates Through Selected Recreation Experiences
Cartwright, Norma Sue HSD (AHS) 1974/08 A Comparative Analysis of Instructional Systems Suggested in Selected Professional Health and Safety Education Textbooks and Instructional Systems Textbooks
Casperson, Donald George HSD (AHS) 1970/08 A First Aid and Emergency Care Knowledge Test for College Students
Cato, Bertha M. ReD (REC) 1980/12 The Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Practitioners in the Park and Recreation Profession toward Continuing Education
Chamberlain, Heather Nichole M.S. (AHS) 1999/08 Nutrition Knowledge and Self-Reported Eating Behavior of College Male Athletes and Non-Athletes
Chambers, Sandra Ann M.S. (AHS) 1991/05 Barriers and Recommendations to the Implementation of Comprehensive School Health Instruction Programs in Public School Systems in the United States
Chan, Ping-Cheung Patrick Ph.D. (REC) 2005/04 Relevant Attributes In Assessment For Design Features of Indoor Games Halls: The Application of Importance-Performance Analysis
Chaney, Rex ReD (REC) 1969/08 The Effects of a Selected Recreational Activity on the I.Q. Scores, Social Adjustment, and Physical Coordination by the Educable Mentally Retarded Child
Chapman, David D. PhD (KIN) 1999/08 Context Effects on the Intrinsic Dynamics of Infants with Spina Bifida (SB)
Chapman, Frederick Morey ReD (REC) 1958/06 The Determination of the Course Areas for a Graduate Curriculum in Hospital Recreation
Chapman, Robert F. PhD (KIN) 1996/10 Ventilatory Influences on Arterial Saturation Maintenance during Exercise in Normoxia and Mild Hypoxia
Charles-Liscombe, Robert S. M.S. (KIN) 1998/05 The Effects of Accupressure Therapy On Exercise-Induced Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Muscle Function Following Eccentric Exercise
Charlson, Vernon Rudolph HSD (AHS) 1963/06 The Need for Family Life Education on the Secondary School Level
Chen, Chin-Lung PhD (KIN) 1994/07 The Validity of the Erlebacher Method for Assessing the Design by Treatment Interaction: A Monte Carlo Study
Chen, Jew-Wu PhD (AHS) 1988/08 Adolescents' Knowledge, Behavior Patterns, and Attitudes Related to Cigarette Smoking in the Republic of China
Chen, Lee-hua PED (KIN) 2003/03 Physical Activity Patterns and Its Relationship to Cardiovascular Risk Factors in an Adult Taiwanese Population
Chiang, I-Tsun PhD (REC) 2003/07 Effects of a Therapeutic Recreation Intervention within a Technology-Based Physical Activity Context on the Social Interaction of Male Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Chrouser, Daniel Robert PED (KIN) 1973/08 A Trend Analysis of the Association between Leisure Time Physical Activity Participation and Increase in Age of Male Indiana University Alumni
Chung, Chul Soo PhD (KIN) 1988/06 Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Shoulder and Elbow Joints During The Volleyball Spike
Church, Kenneth Ray PED (KIN) 1963/06 The Effect of Different Teaching Methods and Spot of Aim Techniques on Bowling Achievement of College Men
Clark, Jeffrey K. HSD (AHS) 1991/07 Two Curricular Settings of a HIV Education Unit Related to Secondary School Students' HIV Knowledge and Attitudes
Clark, Marcia Corinne PED (KIN) 1968/07 The Study of the Effects of an Eleventh Grade Leadership Training Program for Girls upon the Development of Leadership Ability in, and Attitudes toward Physical Education
Clark, Marilyn Louise PED (KIN) 1974/08 An Assessment of Characteristics of Successful Women Intercollegiate Athletic Coaches
Clasen, John Leslie HSD (AHS) 1977/08 Self-Control Techniques in a Juvenile- and Adult-Onset Obesity Weight Reduction Program
Cleland, Frances E. PED (KIN) 1990/02 The Relationship of Selected Factors to Young Children's Divergent Movement Ability
Clifford, Jacqueline Ann PED (KIN) 1967/06 The Inter-Relatedness of Dance with Music and Art through a Study of Form as a Unifying Concept
Coady, Charlene Ann M.S. (KIN) 1950/08 The Effect of Applying the Principles of Kinesthesis in Teaching Golf Skills to College Women
Cobb, John William, Jr. PED (KIN) 1958/08 The Determination of the Merits of Selected Items for the Construction of a Baseball Skill Test for Boys of Little League Age
Cole, Sandra Sue PED (KIN) 1978/01 Design, Construction, and Testing of a Bowling Machine for Biomechanical Research Utilization
Cole, Sara L. PhD (AHS) 2004/01 Multicultural Attitudes of Pre-Professional Health Education Students
Collie, James Edwin, Sr. PED (KIN) 1952/08 A Comparison of the Status of Health and Physical Education with that of Other Subject Fields in the Public High Schools of Kentucky
Collier, Douglas Holden PhD (KIN) 1993/07 Goal Directed Movement in Infants with Down Syndrome
Collins, Mary Elizabeth HSD (AHS) 1989/07 Body Figure Perceptions and Preferences among Preadolescent Children
Colston, Robert William PED (KIN) 1952/08 Problems of Football Coaches in the High Schools of Tennessee
Colvin, Carolyn PED (KIN) 1969/10 The Effect of Rhythmic Training and Relaxation Training on Sensory Motor Rhythmic Ability
Colwell, Gregory Brian PhD (AHS) 1992/07 Interrelationships among Stress, Social Support, Health Behaviors and Self-Assessed Health Status
Colyer, Robert J. PED (KIN) 1975/08 Tactile Sensitivity and Swimming Ability:  Exteroceptive Perceptionof Aquatic Stimuli by Three Levels of College Male Swimmers
Conine, Tali Alborz HSD (AHS) 1968/06 Teachers' Attitudes toward Disabled Persons
Connellan, Dennis Michael HSD (AHS) 1972/08 The Organization and Administration of a High School and AAU Competitive Aquatics Program
Considine, William James PED (KIN) 1970/08 A Validity Analysis of Selected Leg Power Tests
Cooper, John H. PED (KIN) 1956/02 An Investigation of the Relationship between Reaction Time and Speed of Movement
Cooper, Stewart Eggert ReD (REC) 1964/06 Effective Techniques for Teaching Campcraft Skills and Knowledges to Camp Counselors During their Pre-Camp Education
Cornwall, Mark W. PhD (KIN) 1986/01 Effects of Practicing a Rapid Forearm Flexion Task on Selected Electromyographic and Kinematic Parameters
Corrie, Bruce Alan PED (KIN) 1970/06 A History of the Atlantic Coast Conference
Cotter, Linda Louise PED (KIN) 1978/08 Group Cohesiveness and Team Success among Women's Intercollegiate Basketball Teams
Cousins, George Forbes PED (KIN) 1951/08 A Factor Analysis of Selected Wartime Fitness Tests
Coyle, Michael Allen PhD (KIN) 2001/05 Nedocromil Sodium and Diphenhydramine HCL Ameliorate Exercise-Induced Hypoxemia
Craden, Michael Dennis ReD (REC) 1975/05 Garrett G. Eppley, His Life, Philosophy, and Professional Contributions
Crawford, Michael E. ReD (REC) 1983/12 A Playground Movement Confidence Inventory for Elementary School Children
Crawford, Thomas A. PED (KIN) 1990/11 A Developmental Analysis of Competitive Orientation in Team Sports and Individual Sports
Creel, David B. M.S. (KIN) 1995/11 Effect of Exercise Intensity and Duration on Postexercise Metabolism in Obese Adults
Crosby, Richard A. PhD (AHS) 1998/05 Reasons Why Low Income Women In Primary Relationships with Men Do Not Use Condoms for the Prevention of HIV Infection
Crouch, Suzanne Dir (KIN) 1978/01 Director's Degree Internship in Administration of Women's Athletics
Cunningham, Peter Hardin ReD (REC) 1985/01 Attitudes of Current and Past Leaders of the National Recreation and Park Association to Possible Roles of the Association in Park and Recreation Research
Curtis, Joyce Mae PED (KIN) 1970/05 The Effect of Four Methods of Spare Conversion Involving Variations in Point of Aim on Bowling Achievement of College Women
Damron, Clarence Frazier PED (KIN) 1951/08 A Possible Role for Two and Three-Dimensional Slide Images When Used with Tachistoscopic Training Techniques in Instructing High School Football Players in Recognition of Certain Fundamental Football  Defenses
Darling, Fred E. ReD (REC) 1958/08 A Leisure Time Analysis of Retired Public School Teachers in Kentucky
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