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Employment (Fine Arts Library)

Want to work at the Fine Arts Library? Applications are always accepted. The staff at the Fine Arts Library will provide complete training and flexible scheduling around your classes.

Student employment at the Fine Arts Library includes a wide range of duties. All student employees will develop important library skills, and many students find this employment to be a significant resume builder. Starting pay is currrently $7.40 an hour. If possible, applications should be completed before the beginning of the semester you wish to work.

Position: Library Assistant II

Duties: Each student employee works both at the circulation desk and in the stacks of the library. Circulation responsibilities include: charging and discharging materials, updating online computer records, answering questions and giving directions. Work in the stacks requires shelving, shelf-reading, assisting patrons and monitoring the security of the library.

: Federal Work-Study award. Dependability, attention to detail, willingness to learn, ability to work well with the public.

: Keyboarding skills, previous public service experience.

Work-Study Employment: Students must be awarded Work-Study through the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Number of hours limited by amount of Work-Study award. Call 812-855-4597, or email the Fine Arts Library for more information.

If you find a dead link anywhere on this website, please email the Fine Arts Library, or notify a staff member at the Fine Arts Library. Thanks!

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