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last updated: 6/12/2013

Data Pathfinders: Public Opinion

Gallup Brain
Gallup Brain is a searchable database of Gallup Poll data from 1935 to the present. It also includes analytical articles on the what the results mean, as well as online access to Gallup Poll Tuesday Briefing and Gallup Management Journal.


A Brief Guide to Published Public Opinion Polls
Prepared by the Reference Services Department, Wells Library, Indiana University-Bloomington. The purpose of this guide is to assist students in locating polling information in the IUB Libraries' print and digital collections. At the end of the guide you will also find some resources offering guidance and standards relating to the design, interpretation and evaluation of opinion polls. One brief statement, Twenty Questions a Journalist Should Ask about Poll Results is a good beginning.


University of California subject guide to public opinion resources
Includes links to key public opinion sites, how to do research in public opinion, and ICPRS.

last updated: 6/12/2013