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last updated: 2/28/2011

Map Views of Research Collections in the Herman B Wells Library

Map View of Research Collections

 Research Collections: 4th Floor
LC Call Numbers AE - BX; Classroom E451.
 Research Collections: 5th Floor
LC Call Numbers C - DR & PG; Classroom E551; Slavic Reference; Librarian Offices E560.
 Research Collections: 6th Floor
LC Call Numbers DS - GN & PQ 7081 - PQ 9999; Latin American Seminar Room E651; African Studies; Latin American Studies; IU Dissertations (Theses); Librarian Offices E660.
 Research Collections: 7th Floor
LC Call Numbers GR - HZ; SALC Office E751; Folklore Collection; Librarian Offices E760.
 Research Collections: 8th Floor
LC Call Numbers J-L, NX; Classroom E851; East Asian Collection; Librarian Offices E860; Stack Office E852.
 Research Collections: 9th Floor
LC Call Numbers P-PF, PH-PQ7080; Classroom E951; Tibetan Collection; Librarian Offices E960.
 Research Collections: 10th Floor
LC Call Numbers PR-Z; Classroom E1051; Gradgrants Center E1052; Librarian Offices E1060.

last updated: 2/28/2011